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Yom Kippur and dogs: 4 tips to take care of your pooch during the fast

CM 14/09/2021

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Yom Kippur is almost here, and the 25-hour fast is about to begin. But while pets are not required to fast, it may still be difficult to keep your furry friends fed and taken care of during this arduous fast day. 
Cat owners may be in less trouble here, as they can be independent. But dog owners may struggle to be attentive to their canine companions as they get through the fast.
But there are ways to prepare in advance, and the Tzemach-Israft pet food company has you covered with a list of four tips to help prepare for the Day of Atonement and make sure your dog has everything it needs before the fast begins.

1: Prepare food in advance

Dogs need to eat, and they are not required to fast. As such, dog owners should make sure there is enough dog food ready and available. This means making sure you’re stocked up in advance, as most stores will not be open during the holiday.
This is not as simple as it sounds, as many dogs need certain quantities of food or might eat at certain hours. As a result, it is best that the food be prepared in advance according to how much it needs, and when it needs to be fed. 
Decide in advance who should feed the dog and when. If you have children at home who are not required to fast, this can make sure they give the dog enough food at mealtimes. 

2: Have enough water

Dogs don’t just need food, they need water. And in a hot climate like Israel, that’s especially important. 
Clean water should be readily available for the dog. As such, dog owners should make sure their bowl is filled, and decide in advance who should clean and refill the bowl and when it should be done.

3: Walking the dog

As any dog owner knows, dogs need to be walked. This keeps them happy, gets them excited and lets them relieve themselves. 
For some, this can be difficult on the holiday, especially if you are religious. You might be busy at synagogue in the infamously long prayer services, or you might be struggling to even move due to the fast.
But it is still important to make sure your dog gets walked. Decide in advance who takes the family dog out for a walk and when, and if you have young children this can be easier.
If you aren’t planning on spending the day in synagogue then you can take advantage of the empty streets around the country to take a long walk with your pooch. If you have children, you can have the dogs accompany them as they go on their Yom Kippur bike rides, as so many children do throughout Israel.
Regardless, avoid taking your dog out during the hottest points of the day, as the heat can be especially brutal.

 MUST LOVE dogs: A multitasking pooch walker on Sderot Chen, Tel Aviv. (credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90) MUST LOVE dogs: A multitasking pooch walker on Sderot Chen, Tel Aviv. (credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)

4: Medicine

Some dogs may not be in perfect health and might need daily medication. But in the stress and exhaustion of the fast day, many people become forgetful. 
As such, it is best to simply put a reminder somewhere easily visible, like the refrigerator, to make sure your dog gets the medicine it needs.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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