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Who We Are

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The People Behind The Show

We are prepared, non-Bible thumping born again believers. We believe in free speech, freedom of religion, the 10 commandments, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and yes… All People are created equal no matter if you like it or not! No matter the color of your skin. We hate Socialism in any form it try’s to take.  Just like the Fathers of our country we are Libertarian’s and we are neither LIBERAL nor CONSERVATIVE.  The Fathers of our country were (all God fearing Men) many gave up everything for our freedom. How sad is it to see what politics and politicians have done to it today to our country.

The Host


Guy Smith aka Coffee Mouth

NAVY Vet / Business Man / Host

A professional website designer, web host provider, graphic designer, and all-round internet nerd. A coffee practitioner. A musician in private. A pop culture maven. Total travel guru in spite of COVID-19. A total lover of freedom and free speech. Infuriatingly humble problem solver if he says so himself. A Sci-fi movie fanatic.


Margie Smith aka Scarecrow

Retired NAVY Chief / Host

Professional email reader. Internet shopping nerd with too many clothes. A half a cup of coffee sipper, no sugar. Health maven. Total travel guru in spite of COVID-19. Infuriatingly humble problem solver even when there are no known problems to solve. Not much of a Sci-fi fanatic but lets Coffee Mouth be one. Super animal lover.


Voice Talent

Our intern voice talent.