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White for Shavuot: What to buy for the holiday

CM 13/05/2021

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 The upcoming holiday is one of my favorites: the tasty food, the cheeses and cheesecakes, the white wine and the white clothes. This year, take a look at a new and revolutionary toothbrush that may actually make your teeth whiter, and try to keep your eyes protected from viruses with new and revolutionary lens coating. Have fun!

Cheese anyone?

Celebrating Shavuot, Keshet Teamim supermarkets launched a line of premium European cheeses under their private Delicimo label. The collection includes eight types of hard cheeses that you can just pick and serve. We tested them and they are all good. There are two Dutch Gouda cheeses (cow and goat), an English cheddar, Spanish manchego and manchego with truffles, Italian mozzarella, Dutch smokarella (smoked), and Emmentaler from Poland and from Switzerland. The packaging is pretty and expresses the land the cheese comes from.  Available in Keshet Teamin stores and online at keshet-teamim.co.il

Truffle delight

For this holiday, Gad introduced a new flavor in their fast-growing New York collection. This time it is cream cheese with real Italian truffles. Available in markets, this cheese tastes like an expensive deli hand-made cheese, and you may mix it with plain cheese to get a more subtle flavor. But if you want your guests to be impressed – serve it as is  with good bread.

Protein is the buzzword

Telma’s new protein granola ticks all the boxes. Introduced now, it is perfect for summer breakfasts and contains 20% protein, which is the new thing, especially for active people who train regularly and for those who need protein boost. More than a passing trend, the growing demand for protein-rich foods has become part of everyone’s diet. The new granolas come in two flavors: with cranberries and almonds or with nuts, and contain only half a teaspoon of sugar per serving. I like to eat it as a snack, but you can also spread it on yogurt or ice cream, or even on white cheese for Shavuot.

Tokyo calling

Oakley has officially launched Kato – a radical frame that was developed with the help of Team Oakley athletes and will be worn by approximately 1,000 athletes in Tokyo this summer. Born from 45 years of disruptive innovation, Kato arrives with radical aesthetics highlighted by a frame-less lens. Oakley Kato’s design conforms to the contours of the face and features a first-of-its-kind nose wrap for high coverage, resulting in a next-to-skin feel that empowers users to unlock “the superhero within.” The feedback shared by top international athletes helped create the final product, which includes an adjustable rake system and multiple nose pads to enable a customized, seamless fit. NIS 1,200, available at Optistore Tel Aviv and Eilat, as well as Kiryat Ono’s Reind, Tal optics at Netanya, Gili Optic in Hadera and Assi Optics in Ramat Gan.

Protecting your eyes

The pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another, and the awareness of viruses has become inevitable. Known for not only for optical superiority and precision lenses designed to give clear, comfortable vision and to correct refractive errors, Zeiss is also known for its ingenuity and innovation. Now they came up with an antimicrobial coating solution to address the growing concern the global pandemic has brought into awareness.
“Eyeglasses are an object that one touches constantly. You take them off, you put them on and most of us do not wash our hands every time we touch our spectacles, so bacteria as well as viruses stay on the glasses, making the spread of infection easier. The new coating offered by Zeiss to all of their lenses answers this concern by killing all viruses and bacteria that contact it,” says optometrist Gadi Diament from Optica Gan Ha’ir, Tel Aviv.
Do we need it? Hard to say, but the relatively low price and the extra protection make this idea something worth exploring. By the way, the eye examination performed by Diament is well worth your time. I have had numerous checks over the years. None were as particular and addressed so many issues as the one I got at Optica Gan Ha’ir, partially thanks to the innovative cutting-edge equipment, all by Zeiss, and a lot thanks to the fact that he loves his profession and takes pride in learning every new thing. Try them.  

Whiter shade

Dr. Fischer always comes up with new products for the Israeli summer. Their Genesis White anti-aging line helps prevent and treat dark spots caused by sun radiation. Combining anti-pigmentation complex and advanced technology, the products include brightening night cream that helps minimize spots, brightening day cream with SPF 30 for mixed-oily skin, as well as brightening day cream with SPF 30 for all skin types, and the fantastic brightening hand cream to help reduce spots on the hands. I am on it.

Freshen up

As the days grow hotter and hotter, what we all need is something to help us refresh, and the French cosmetic brand Lierac Paris comes to the rescue with an oxygen-rich facial spray that will boost your skin’s energy throughout the day. For people who insist on training even when it’s hot, or those who feel the long days at the office make their skin gray, just one splash and the spray – enriched with hyaluronic acid to provide hydration, vitamins and a new technology that helps inject more oxygen to the dermis – this could be our summer lifesaver. NIS 199, available at www.lierac.co.il.

Simply good

Joining the hemp trend, British cosmetic company Simple introduced a new Organic Hemp Oil Hydrating Cream. Produced from cannabis seeds, the oil helps balance hydration in the skin. It is light and contains omega oils as well as vitamin B. Use it for sensitive and itchy skin. Hypoallergenic and with no alcohol, perfume or artificial colorings, this is perfect for the hot season ahead. Available in SuperPharm stores.

Keep me hydrated

Local beauty firm GaDe added new serums to their collection: Aqua Jolt. The new intensive hydrating gel and the eye gel are both enriched with hyaluronic acid and a new technology that strengthens the skin barrier to minimize the loss of hydration. Both serums are effective and the light texture makes them perfect for hot days. NIS 99.90 for the intensive gel and NIS 79.90 for the eye gel. Available in pharmacies as well as online at www.gade.co.il

Beach pretty

Intima has introduced its new swimwear collection with new designs, new materials and lovely prints. As part of the new line Intima introduced, Eco Love, an eco-friendly collection made from quality Lycra and extra attention to the details and finish, my favorite “Back to Black” collection (because black is slimming), offering interesting cuts and sexy wraps, and much more. Prices range between NIS 300-NIS 400 for one piece and NIS 100-NIS 200 for separates. Also available are swimwear by international brands. Look them up at www.intima-il.co.il or in shops around the country.

The new wave

So you think you know how to brush your teeth? A new Israeli toothbrush that uses radio frequency has shown me that I need to learn how to brush my teeth all over again. The new innovative breakthrough brush uses a technology called dentalRF, which was developed by Israeli company Skinovations. The development took five years and it was approved by the Israel authorities as well as by the US FDA. 
What it does is revolutionary. Using radio frequency, the new technology removes plaque not mechanically but by way of electro-chemical technology. 
It is so revolutionary that it feels strange in the beginning – one is used to brush the teeth whereas in this case the soft fibers and tingling sensation seem very strange. But the result is so amazing. You will never want another brush.
Even after one use, the mouth feels like after a deep cleansing at the dentist, and after a week the stains and color actually change. Read more about it on their online site. It is fascinating and it works. NIS 990 with a two-year guarantee. Available online only at minisite.silkn.co.il.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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