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Vaccinated Israeli quarantining in Irish hotel claims unlawful detention

CM 10/04/2021 3

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A woman who was vaccinated against COVID-19 in Israel and is now quarantining in a Dublin hotel, filed a complaint to the the High Court accusing Irish authorities of unlawful detention, according to Irish media.Inbar Aviezer had traveled to Ireland to be with her fiancée, and to begin a new job in Cork at the end of the month. She holds citizenship in Israel, the United States and Switzerland.”I just think it’s nonsense to be honest. Why am I even vaccinated if it’s not even helping me avoid quarantine? I’ve had both vaccinations, I have a negative PCR test,” Aviezer said, according to the Irish Mirror. “I arrived into Dublin Airport into the immigration office. Right away, they said that I had come from Israel so I had to quarantine.”She claims she was not notified prior of the a mandatory quarantine within a hotel.”When I arrived in Dublin Airport I was met with utter confusion. Nobody knew what was happening. Myself and a family from Austria were pulled aside,” she added to the Mirror. “Honestly, it took me by surprise. I showed the officials the evidence that I had been vaccinated, I showed them my negative PCR test and they just didn’t care.”Aviezer, who has been quarantining in the Holiday Inn Express Hotel by the Dublin airport since arriving in Ireland from Israel on Wednesday, filed the court documents on Friday, with arguments to be heard the next day.Upon arrival, Aviezer was notified that she would be staying at the hotel for 14 days before her quarantine was finished, and would have to also cover costs of the stay totaling 1,850 euros.

“I appealed to the State Liaison Officer at the time, I explained that I was a healthcare professional, I had had both my COVID-19 vaccinations, my PCR test and all the required documents,” she told the Mirror. “But he rejected my appeal. So I’m going to try again, because again, it doesn’t make sense that I am vaccinated and negative and have to quarantine but people coming from around Europe where rates are high get to walk free.”An attorney for Aviezer told Irish reporters that even though “the doors of her hotel room are unlocked,” according to the Irish Times. She is instructed to stay in her room for the better part of the day where she also takes her meals.If Aviezer were to leave the hotel, she risks the possibility of being arrested and being brought back to the hotel on further charges. The current punishment for breaking quarantine in Ireland is being fined, earning a criminal record or even spending a month in jail.Friday evening, Justice Senan Allen of the High Court notified the Irish Health Minister of the court filing. The state attorney John Gallagher is currently investigating the argument around Aviezer’s detainment being a part of law. Her lawyers argue that her quarantine is “disproportionate,” requiring Aviezer to be secluded in a hotel. They are also asking the court to account for the fact that Aviezer has been fully vaccinated in Israel and tested negative twice before her travels in the past few days.The decision on the hearing should be announced on Saturday morning.
Source: Jerusalem Post

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