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Undercover agent turned scammer sentenced to community service

CM 01/09/2021

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An undercover agent who assisted in putting dozens of drug dealers behind bars was caught up in a criminal trial for scamming people with her partner, N12 reported on Tuesday.
The woman in question (R) worked for one of the central police units in the north. She had a six months’ assignment in which she spent time with drug dealers and bought cocaine and heroin from them, recording everything. Her work put many drug dealers behind bars for many years.
“R risked her life and made it so that for a long time, crime was discouraged in the north of the country,” a police officer told N12. “Her work was brave and unique.”

Over the past few years, however, R has been doing a different kind of work. She and her ex-partner scammed people, and an indictment was filed against them in court.
According to the N12 report, the judge took her previous undercover work into account and ruled that she got caught up in the scams through no fault of her own. She was sentenced to six months in prison, which she would serve through community service, but R shirked her duties and did not show up for the community service. As a result, the prosecution wanted her to be sent to prison immediately.
THE SUPREME Court holds a hearing last year in Jerusalem. (credit: ABIR SULTAN / REUTERS)THE SUPREME Court holds a hearing last year in Jerusalem. (credit: ABIR SULTAN / REUTERS)
R’s lawyers filed a petition to the court, requesting that R be allowed to do the community service rather than go to prison because her life could be in serious danger in prison due to her past work. They also claimed that R has been nursing her parents and her in-laws for the last few months, adding that she has not been involved in criminal activity the last few months.
They also presented a file that her commanding officer in the police signed saying that he sent her to do undercover work and praised her work on the assignment.
“R acted as a police agent and did her job very well,” he wrote. “During her assignment, R caused the imprisonment of drug dealers who were encouraging crime during that year.”
The judge decided to give R another chance to complete her community service, but he warned her that if she did not commit to it, he would have no choice but to send her to prison, according to N12.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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