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Thousands sign petition for the release of Jewish men after Lod riots

CM 12/05/2021

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Over 43,000 people have signed a petition calling for the release of three Jewish men who shot and killed an Arab citizen of Lod, earlier this week.

The petition objected to the decision made on Tuesday evening to extend their detention, with the organizer of the petition, Yosef Rabin, calling it a “travesty of justice.”
“Hardly a month after commemorating the horrors of the holocaust, memorializing our fallen heroes and celebrating our triumphant return to Zion and Jerusalem, it as though we have internalized nothing. Are we living in Poland or Yemen that non-Jews can openly murder us and destroy our property with impunity?  The Jewish masses must rise up and remind the leadership that we are in the Land of Israel,” Rabin said.
Voicing his agreement with Rabin, the legal correspondent of the Globes newspaper, Avishai Grinzig, called the court’s decision an injustice, saying that the Jewish people in question were attacked and that the police had not been there to help them.
“All the suspects were in possession of weapons lawfully, with no criminal record,” Grinzig said in his summary of the case. “All the suspects are claiming to have acted in self defense.”
Weighing in on the decision to extend their detention, Public Security minister called the arrest “terrible,” and said that while the decision not to release them was out of his control, he personally would not have extended their detention. 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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