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This week in Jerusalem: Jerusalem Pride is back

CM 26/05/2021

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Make it lower

What’s being called an unprecedented, not to mention quite surprising, decision has been made by the head of the city’s planning and construction committee, Eliezer Rauchberger (United Judaism). At the last council meeting, Rauchberger ruled that new housing construction on three streets in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood are to be limited to 12 stories. On Gordon, Zangwill and Borochov streets, where such projects are planned, this decision will be implemented immediately, but according to sources inside the committee, this is just a first shot and more such height limitations are on the way. Until now, Rauchberger has not been known to get involved in restricting the number of floors in new towers built in Jerusalem, raising questions over why he made the decision in this case.
Sources in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood council have expressed concern that this might be a first step by Rauchberger, as representative of the haredi sector, to promote buildings that will suit ultra-Orthodox residents, who tend to avoid use of elevators on Shabbat. For his part, Mayor Moshe Lion has expressed his position on the matter a few times, saying there is no other option for developing Jerusalem than to build high towers, along the path of the light rail as allowed by the district planning committee and in accordance with the city’s needs. Rauchberger says that there are enough alternative neighborhoods where high towers can be built.
It took about a decade and NIS 40 million, but it’s finally ready: the new wing of the Jerusalem High School for the Arts is ready for the next school year. The new wing enlarges the existing old and relatively small building serving the school until now. The structures are situated in the southern part of Liberty Bell Park. The high school offers a number of disciplines in the arts realm, including music, theater, cinema and dance, in addition to a curriculum preparing students for matriculation exams.
Elections now
The campaign for the next round of community council elections is kicking off. Voting will take place on July 6 in various neighborhoods, including two in the Arab sector – Beit Hanina and Tsur Baher. In each community there will be elections for nine of the 15 members of each council board. In addition to those elected, the municipality and the Society for Councils and Community Centers will have representatives appointed to the boards.
Get high and small
The planning and construction committee has also approved a project at the new city entrance, with as many as 1,000 small apartments – each from 30 to 50 square meters – at relatively affordable prices. It is hoped these new units will encourage young singles and couples to move to Jerusalem, as per the vision of Mayor Lion. It was also decided to add additional height to the towers there and make them 41 stories instead of the 23 to 26 stories previously approved.
Stride with pride
Jerusalem Open House is launching its annual Pride Parade on Thursday (June 3), which also marks the start of pride month in the country; the JOH will also run a crowdfunding campaign. During the pandemic, more people than usual sought help and took part in the support and advocacy programs for the LBGTQ community. 
The parade will start with a rally in Liberty Bell Garden at 2:30 p.m. and continue along Keren Hayesod and King George streets, with a stop and short ceremony at the place where Shira Banki was murdered six years ago. The parade will end at the Independence Park with a special TV program created by LGBTQ community members on art and culture in the Jerusalem community.

Shtern warning
On a worrying note, For years, Jerusalem’s Yuri Shtern Holistic Center for Cancer Patients created by the family of the late former MK has provided a wide range of expert para-medical assistance, but directors say the lack of donations caused by the pandemic have raised serious concern that the center – which has helped so many – may not be able to continue its important mission. For more information: yurishtern.org.il/en/contact
From Africa to Zion
On a historical/cultural note, Danny Adeno Abebe – an Ethiopian-born journalist, former emissary to the Jewish community in South Africa, and proud Jerusalemite – has written about his journey from the land of his birth to the Holy City. Now the book has been translated into English, so that more readers in the Jewish world and beyond can follow the wonderful and painful story of this exodus and journey.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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