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This week in Jerusalem: A city on fire

CM 12/05/2021

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A city on fire

Earlier this week, on Jerusalem Day, events seemed to spiral out of control in the capital. Repeated attacks by young Arabs against Jewish residents included near-lynchings, with victims saved at the last moment thanks to the rapid reaction of police. In many places in the city, the tension turned into riots. The peak was around the Temple Mount, where the government decided to cancel visits by Jews. It was one of the most violent days in Jerusalem in several years. 

On Monday afternoon, a large group of Jews and Arabs marched toward Sheikh Jarrah, shouting slogans against attempts by Jews to move into the neighborhood, after Palestinian residents were evicted when the High Court ruled they were living in properties proved to be owned by Jews. Until early afternoon, it was not clear whether the day’s flag parade would kick off at the Damascus Gate and run through the Muslim Quarter, or change course in order to calm the atmosphere. It was later announced that the parade would run through the Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall.
It was only at 5 p.m. that the decision to change course was announced, following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to avoid additional friction in the city. By that time, most of the Arab worshipers had left the Mosque esplanade, while a large number of shabab (young rioters) took over and prepared for confrontations with police. Jerusalem’s police chief answered by sending hundreds of officers to the site, disrupting plans for further confrontation. Deputy Mayor Hagit Moshe marched with the parade, declaring it to be the only answer to those who wish to evict Jews from Jerusalem. 

Parking at the shuk

Need a parking space near Mahaneh Yehuda? That’s no longer a dream, as the municipality recently added 60 nearby spaces, close to the old Shaare Zedek Hospital building. Despite its declared policy to convince Jerusalemites to renounce their private cars in favor of public transportation, especially the light rail, the municipality is adding new parking places almost every week. The new parking is intended for neighborhood residents, but for all those who have the appropriate resident tag, parking will be free of charge until 8:30 a.m. Moreover, if you park there in the evening but forget to move your car by 8:30 the following morning, you will only be charged from that time, and not for the hours preceding the 8:30 limit. 

Silence, please

Givat Mordechai residents have complained to the municipality about the night roadwork being done in their area for the light rail. According to resident representatives, the work is not supposed to continue all night long but ordered to stop at midnight, and police have not improved matters. The roadwork includes four tractors and a large truck that bring in material throughout the night until 7 a.m.
According to the municipality, the work will only run for two weeks and is necessary for further development of the light rail. The work has been planned with neighborhood representatives through their local council, added the municipality, and cannot be done during the day so as not to worsen the city’s already existing traffic jams.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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