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This Logitech sponsorship might take Israeli gaming to the next level

CM 03/05/2021

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The first eSports group established in Israel – Team Finest – has signed a sponsorship deal with Logitech G, one of the world’s largest gaming companies.The deal, signed last week between Team Finest and Logitech G’s gaming department, will include a series of content collaborations on social media platforms, as well as events, competitions and tournaments, meant to reflect the new sponsorship.Team Finest will receive Logitech G’s latest gaming products from its Logitech G Pro wireless gaming series to help utilize the Israeli team’s gaming skills to the fullest.The logo of Logitech G will appear on Team Finest’s outfits throughout 2021, including during live streams by the team on its official channels.

The collaboration is expected to support and encourage professional gaming in Israel and to attract new talents who will become Israel’s future gaming professionals.  

“This is another step toward supporting and deepening our ties within the Israeli gaming community as a whole and the field of competitive gaming in particular,” said Itay Schwifel, manager of Logitech Israel.”Our ambition is allowing gamers on all levels to become their best versions,” he added.”Logitech G is considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming equipment,” said Yotam Nachshon, Team Finest’s VP of marketing, expressing hope that this new collaboration will lead to exciting new events this upcoming year. “We are very proud to be collaborating with such a significant and leading brand in the world of gaming,” Nachshon added.  This kind of collaboration is the largest one to take place with an Israeli company dealing with professional gaming, and might be exactly what Israel’s growing gaming industry needs in order to reach the next level and compete in major international tournaments. Team Finest was established in 2019 by Ruvik Milkis. The first of its kind initiative in Israel started growing by operating teams in four games: FIFA, Fortnite, Valorant and CS:GO – all of which are considered extremely popular in major international Esports tournaments and events.In December last year, Team Finest announced the recruitment of NIS 2 million, to be invested in locating and turning promising Israeli gamers into professionals who would be able to compete in international tournaments, making it the first gaming organization in Israel to employ about 20 employees locally and abroad full time.eSports is a form of sport competition using video games. It often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions.Participation by professional gamers and spectators in these events through live-streaming has seen a large surge in popularity during the previous decade. According to various estimates, the eSport market rolls in about $20 billion annually, making it a significant factor in the video game industry.Gadi Zaig contributed to this report.
Source: Jerusalem Post

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