The Host

This is the Coffee Mouth Scarecrow Show.

We are Guy aka Coffee Mouth and Margie aka Scarecrow.

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

A comedy, news com•men•ta•ry podcast (filmed on video) with just a twist of spiritual perspective each week. Each show is hosted by… that’s right… Guy and Margie Smith!

We present the facts on a topic and let you be the Judge!

Each weekly show is packed full of topical conversation, funny moments, always informative and factual.  We have some crazy topics, some weird topics, and some soul-touching topics. Each week is different. 

We invite you to join our family here at the Coffee Mouth Scarecrow Show – You Be The Judge! Just click on this link to our support page.

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Mission Statement

To be a spiritual guiding light to the human spirit and entertain, inform, nurture, awaken, and inspire – each listener, each podcast show with each topic download.

Core Values

Our core values are simply based on God’s Purpose.

God’s Purpose dramatically improves the quality of our decisions, our values and our actions.

How God’s Purpose Guides Us

GOD sets the Standards of Conduct.
GOD keeps us from drifting away from our values.
GOD is a filter to process our decisions through.
GOD helps moral principles without sacrificing others.
GOD helps us to hold ourselves accountable.
GOD reminds us to always be compassionate.
GOD helps us not to ignore how we handle problems.


P- Passion, we focus our emotions with a positive intensity knowing God can make the impossible, possible.
U- Undeniable, we believe in our God given abilities/qualities, and demonstrate such through our actions both verbal and non-verbal.
R- Responsible, we take ownership for the results of our actions or inactions.
P- Professional, we will give advice, spiritual guidance, and make podcast that are in the best interest of our listeners.
O- Opportunity, we act on all circumstances that make it possible for us to help our listeners grow professionally, personally and spiritually.
S- Service, while focusing on delivering the best podcast possible, we recognize that relationships never end and we continually ask; what’s God’s will for us next?
E- Ethical, we represent ourselves in an ethical and moral way as to never bring questions concerning our actions or decisions.