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Coffee Mouth Scarecrow Show Introduction

Special Notice:

From time to time we have special guests or phone in guest. We discuss topics we are asked about in our email and more.  Have a topic you would like to hear about? Email us and ask.

If you or someone you know has an uplifting story to tell, a new business venture that appeals to the general population, or just want 15 minutes of fame and would like to be a guest click on the Collaborate button at the top left of the menu.

The Coffee Mouth Scarecrow Show - YOU BE THE JUDGE.. is

A comedy, news com•men•ta•ry podcast (filmed on video) with just a twist of spiritual perspective each week.

Each show is hosted by us, Guy and Margie Smith!

Each weekly show is packed full of topical conversation, funny moments, always informative and factual.

We have some crazy topics, some weird topics, and some soul-touching topics.

Each week is different. We present the facts on a topic and let you be the Judge!