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Supreme Court backs detaining W. Bank minor for anti-Palestinian violence

CM 21/04/2021 1

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The Supreme Court announced on Wednesday that it has endorsed the detention until the end of trial of a Jewish minor and resident of Samaria who was previously indicted for anti-Palestinian violence and a range of other charges.An indictment against the minor was filed in the Central District Juvenile Court on February 23 which ordered him detained until the end of the trial, leading to the appeal.The Supreme Court ruling was handed down by Justice Yosef Elron, known to be part of the court’s conservative wing.According to the indictment, on January 4, the defendant-minor and seven other unidentified persons came to the Palestinian village of Surat armed with IDF-issued stun grenades, large rocks, sharp objects for use as weapons and with face masks to obscure their identities.They used their rocks and stun grenades to attack four Palestinian residents, including the Palestinians themselves, as well as nearby cars.A 61-year-old Palestinian man was injured in their attack, in which he was hit in the head with broken glass, a 17-year-old Palestinian girl was injured and a pregnant Palestinian woman was injured.The Palestinian women and other members of the four families also went into emotional shock from the attack.

The defendant was charged with causing physical harm in racist circumstances, with conspiracy to commit racist felonies, an attempt to destroy a residence using explosive materials, illegal weapons possession and intentional destruction of property.Further, the defendant perpetrated these acts in violation of house arrest which he had been sent to.In February, Honenu lawyers Adi Keidar and Moshe Pulaski attacked the indictment saying that they could see that, “there is only one piece of forensic evidence against the minor with no supporting evidence of any kind.”

The Jerusalem Post
understands that the evidence relates to DNA that allowed identification of the defendant, as opposed to the other seven unidentified perpetrators.The indictment comes after two other suspects were extensively questioned, with an original list of up to five suspects.It is unclear whether there will be further indictments, as initial indications were that one of the suspects had also attacked members of Israel’s security forces.Recent attempts to make out major cases against Jews for violence against Palestinians have had mixed results. One case led to a conviction for arson murder and one indictment for negligent homicide is in the middle of an ongoing trial. There have also been some lesser indictments where the original, yet more severe, charges were dropped and a sizable number of suspects were questioned by the Shin Bet, but eventually released unconditionally. Source: Jerusalem Post

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