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Smotrich: Bennett, Shaked forming left-wing government

CM 26/05/2021

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Religious Zionist Party leader Bezalel Smotrich accused Yamina leaders Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked on Wednesday of being on their way to what he called a left-wing government. 
He said Bennett and Shaked tricked right-wing voters when they said a government with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid was off the table. He said they merely took that step to ease right-wing pressure on them during Operation Guardian of the Walls in the Gaza Strip.
“Bennett and Shaked tricked people for two weeks while continuing to work on a left-wing government,” Smotrich said. 
Smotrich said Yamina officials asked him to join them in the government, but he told them he would not sell his soul to the Left. 
“In the days ahead, Bennett will hold a dramatic press conference and explain how he has to join a left-wing government to prevent elections,” he said. “Bennett and Ayelet are lying. The reason why a right-wing government won’t be formed is that they wanted a left-wing government.”
Smotrich called on Shaked and Yamina MKs Nir Orbach and Idit Silman to prevent such a government from being formed. 

Yesh Atid reached a tentative agreement overnight with the Meretz Party of Nitzan Horowitz on joining a coalition that would replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the deal, Horowitz would serve as health minister and Meretz MKs Tamar Zandberg and Esawi Frej will receive the environmental protection and regional cooperation portfolios respectively.
The parties agreed on additional funding for health that would go toward “expanding the medical services basket and adding new positions to the healthcare and mental health systems in Israel.”
Lapid and Horowitz discussed a bill that would help Israel fight climate change and “will include ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, shift to renewable energy, clear the polluting industries from the Haifa Port and improve both public and shared transport in Israel.”
They also reached an agreement on matters of religion and state.

On Tuesday, Yesh Atid finalized a coalition agreement Yisrael Beytenu Party. The agreement includes matters of religion and state, and building new hospitals in the Negev and Galilee.

Under the deal, Liberman will be finance minister, his No. 2 Oded Forer will head the Knesset Finance Committee, and the party will receive two more portfolios, which are expected to be the Negev and Galilee Development Ministry, and the Aliyah and Integration Ministry.
If a government cannot be formed, Lapid sent Frej to submit a bill that would dissolve the Knesset, so it would be clear to the public that a new election would be Bennett’s fault, for not joining the government.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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