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Shavuot: Hikes, trips, activities for the holiday

CM 13/05/2021

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 At the beginning of next week, Shavuot begins, heralding the start of the water hike season. This gives us another wonderful opportunity to exercise our freedom and go out and travel around the country. Shavuot this year is in mid-May, in the heart of spring, so on almost any hike we’ll enjoy warm and pleasant weather. During the holiday, in addition to the regular activities in the nature reserves, there will be lots of activities featuring the symbols of Shavuot. Here are some of the recommended ones:


The Milk and Honey Festival in the Jezreel Valley is celebrating 20 years. The traditional festival will combine an agricultural-tourist celebration with a variety of activities for the whole family. What’s there to do? Among other things, you can go on a tour of the “Creators’ Trail” with Sarah Eliyahu. The tour will include a visit to the homes of artists in Kibbutz Yifat, in an organized group of at least 10 people by reservation. At the Rancho Menis horse farm, the whole family is invited to take part in cowboy activities, which includes bringing in the horses from grazing, feeding, caring for and preparing the horses, and at the end, you can also ride the horses. Of course there is also the option to go on a 30-60-minute family ride, and even pony rides. Tulip Winery in the valley will host a special celebration accompanied by Israeli music, cheeses, breads and wines.
During the event it is possible to purchase a festive picnic package containing a bottle of wine, boutique cheeses, ciabattas, dips, olives, cherry tomatoes, cookies, glasses of wine, a corkscrew and a secret map with recommended places for a picnic.
Festival dates: Ongoing until May 17.
Price: Rancho Menis – NIS 120-180 per person for horse rides, cowboy activity NIS 220 per person.
Details: 054-469-4051 by reservation.
Coordinate an art tour: Sarah Eliyahu, 052-349-1825.
Tulip Winery Date: May 16, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Details and reservations: 04-983-0573.


The Honey Council invites travelers to take part in a double celebration: Shavuot and World Bee Day. In apiaries around the country, starting from Shavuot and for a week, beekeepers will mark World Bee Day, which falls on May 20. Shavuot symbolizes for beekeepers the beginning of the spring flower-honey season, and in honor of this yearly event, the beekeepers will dress up their bee yards and hold activities for the whole family. For example, in the Hakol Dvash apiary in Yesod Ha’maalah, you can meet beekeeper Amit Yosef. He is a former police sapper, and a few years ago decided to resign and instead begin working in agriculture. During the holiday the bee yard is offering activities that include a Galilean honey tasting, a film about the world of bees, workshops for children and a tour of the different departments of the honey factory.

Dates: All weekdays, excluding Shabbat and holidays.
Price: For participants age three and up: NIS 24.
Reservations: 050-951-8181.


During Shavuot and on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the founding of the KKL-JNF, the organization will open its photo archive and present photographs from the state’s Shavuot celebrations before independence and from the first years after independence. Another event planned by the KKL-JNF is the Poets’ Festival. As part of it, you can participate in poetry and literature sessions at Beit Rishonim, join a first fruits procession on Ha’rishonim Street and take a guided tour of Maayan Park in Metulla and the observation point at Mitzpe Dado. The exhibition and festival will take place at Beit Rishonim, Metulla.
Dates: Sunday-Tuesday, May 16-18.
Price: Free.


A trip through the landscapes of the Shfela’s highlands, with guide Maoz Haviv, “to the land of the hero Samson.” The tour departs from the Memorial for the Pioneers of the Road to Jerusalem monument, to Sculpture Trail in the Tzora Forest and to the Tzora observation point, where the story of Samson and the story of Kibbutz Tzora will be told. The tour will end with home hospitality at Kibbutz Tzora, where you can hear the unique story of the kibbutzim in our country and visit the neighboring Mony Winery.
Dates: Monday and Tuesday, May 17-18.
Price: NIS 80 per person, minimum eight participants.
Details and registration: 054-779-1126.


Shirat Roim Dairy at Kibbutz Lotem will hold a special Shavuot happening, where they will launch the new menu at Bayit L’Gvinot with a festive atmosphere and tastings of the new cheeses. On the eve of Shavuot, Johnny Stern from Stern Winery and Anat from Anat’s Jams will also come to the dairy for a special sale in honor of the holiday.
Dates: May 14-17, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Friday 9 to 4). The sale event will take place on May 16 from 10 to 2.
Price: Admission is free (food and wine for a fee).
For details and reservations: 072-395-7566.


During the holiday, there will be an escape challenge activity for the whole family by Rondo GO. The special activity will take place in an open field in the Merom Golan area and is suitable for all families. In fact, each family will be able to set off at their own pace and try to crack the case of the story, which is seasoned with motifs from the holiday – all with the aim of connecting the tasks and finding the winning recipe for the cheesecake.
When: Thursday-Monday, May 13-17, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Price: Ticket for a nuclear family (parents and children up to the age of 18) – NIS 250.


The University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram, Jerusalem, invites travelers to come and enjoy a variety of attractions and activities in nature. Among the activities: A tour following the wheat – in the tour you will discover how the wild and scattered wheat of yesteryear became the wheat we eat today, and how it relates to the agricultural revolution. For dessert, make pitas in a taboon. Also, for the “water holiday,” take a tour of the Discovery Trail, which allows children to play and learn through playground equipment and activities on water and earth. Additional tours: a tropical greenhouse where about 300 different plant species grow; flower-train tours, which include explanations on the garden.
Dates: Friday-Sunday, May 14-16. A tour starts every hour on the hour.


During Shavuot, the Bloomfield Science Museum-Jerusalem invites visitors to join the “bubbling” – a celebration of water and soap bubbles in the museum’s courtyard. Jerusalem “bubbleologist” Romi Shamai will come to the museum and share with visitors surprising and fun secrets from the world of bubbles, perform demonstrations and invite children to experiment with making a bubble solution, to bounce a bubble on a trampoline, solve riddles on bubbles, create giant bubbles, smoke bubbles, color-changing bubbles and bubbles within bubbles, and to build a vessel that makes a foam snake and also to go inside a giant bubble.
Dates: Sunday-Monday, May 16-17.
Location: Science Museum, 3 Museums Blvd., Jerusalem.
Price: From age five and up, NIS 45. Family ticket, NIS 160.


Last chance of the season to pick and taste strawberries. A harvest day includes a visit to the strawberry complex and a basket to take home, a guided tour of the tractor in the farm’s greenhouses, learning about the special crops and a visit to the farm fruit market where they sell products straight from the farmer to the consumer.
Dates: May 16, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Mesheq 77, Tekuma. 
Price: NIS 35-50 per person.
Details: 077-759-5896.


Tel Megiddo National Park is reopening and invites travelers to visit the gates of this once important Canaanite city. Megiddo is mentioned 18 times in the Bible. Now you can pass through the restored Israeli gate, be impressed by the temples and palaces, the stables and descend to the tunnel where the mighty waterworks were hewn.
In the lobby of the site, there are new and sophisticated means of illustration that revive the stories of the past. The authority’s guides will be waiting for you at the entrance to the lobby and will take you to get acquainted with the special innovations and exhibits.
At the end of the tour, you will go on an independent walk in the tel, in an impressive water factory and in the stables of King Solomon.
Dates: May 17 and 24, every hour on the hour 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Megiddo National Park. 
Price: Adult NIS 22, child NIS 9.
Note: A visit must be reserved on the Nature and Parks Authority website before arriving.
Translated by Benny Glatt.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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