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Shabtai: I will not let the police be a scapegoat for Mount Meron

CM 03/05/2021

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Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai said that he will not allow the police to become a scapegoat for other officials following the tragedy at Mount Meron that left 45 dead and over 150 injured after a stampede broke out at Lag Ba’omer celebrations.Shabtai said that the event occurred after “flawed behavior of a number of official bodies over the course of years that ended with Israel Police being forced to contain the event over the course of the years.”Shabtai expressed his full support for the regional police commander in charge of the event and for all police who took part in the handling of the event. Shabtai went on to say that Israel Police will “not let go until we learn and understand what happened there so that such an event will never happen again.”I hope we learn the lessons we need to ensure that such an event never happens again in Israel.””The Israel Police under my command is a strong police force, it is a professional police force with high work ethic, police officers who worked 18 and 20 hours, police officers who gave themselves to rescuing people and I have no doubt we will emerge from this crisis strengthened.” Public Security Minister Amir Ohana said that members of the media have attempted to drive wedges between police and government officials and between the police and the public.

“There is no way that will happen,” said Ohana who gave his full support to police who he said “did all they could, seriously and thoroughly, to prepare for the event.” Source: Jerusalem Post

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