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Recharging, Rejuvenating and Relaxing at Jerusalem’s Inbal Hotel Spa

CM 12/05/2021

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 I walked into the Inbal Hotel Spa hyped and ready for 3 Rs – not reading, writing and arithmetic – but Recharging, Rejuvenating and Relaxing: recharging my mind, rejuvenating my body, and relaxing both my mind and body. 

For me, that’s what wellness is about – the mind and the body. And I felt blessed to be spending a spa day with my oldest granddaughter, Miri. This would be both “me time” and “us time.”
I’m a spa aficionado and I routinely have massages. My massage last month at the Inbal Hotel Spa was perfect. Miri and I each had the Combination Massage, which combines a variety of modalities, and we both agreed that our massage therapists, Batya and Clara, were excellent. They were sensitive to our bodies and our minds. They knew where to rub and knead, when to apply strong pressure and when gentleness was appropriate. They started the session by asking about our wants and needs and proceeded to accommodate us. I wanted special treatment for my knee. Miri had specific requests about towels, air-conditioning and a type of oil. Regarding conversation during the session – I wanted to talk; Miri did not. And so it was.
 To name but a few: Swedish, aromatherapy, hot stones and prenatal massages; reflexology, body peeling, Dead Sea Body Salt Scrub and a Mineral Energy treatment, especially designed for a man’s skin. Both men and women massage therapists are available.
Cleanliness is the sine qua non of quality spas, and the Inbal Spa was immaculate. But it was not sterile – it radiated warmth. The receptionists, practitioners and attendants were warm and helpful. The atmosphere in the common rooms and in the treatment rooms – four singles and one double – was relaxed, peaceful and comfortable. I don’t like ostentation. The Inbal Spa is elegant without being ostentatious.

As I generally begin my work day with some physical exercise, I decided on the following schedule for our Spa Day: fitness center, massage, swimming pool, shower, then lunch. The sauna room would have to wait for another time.
The fitness center radiated energy. Harbi, a gym attendant who has worked in the spa for 16 years, patiently explained to us about the different equipment – including treadmills, cross trainers, Smith machines, chest presses and free weights. I was wondering about the straps with handles, and then Miri demonstrated the TRX, which stands for “Total (Body) Resistance eXercise.” I was less adventurous. Though I have a stationary bike at home, I decided to try the state-of-the art bicycle in the gym. After that, my home bike no longer seems adequate.
I don’t swim, but Miri enjoys aquatics and she was most impressed by the semi-Olympic lap pool, which is surrounded by a beautiful border of thick green pine trees. The pool is uncovered throughout the summer and is then covered and heated in colder months. A pool lift is available for the disabled.
To paraphrase The Ethics of the Fathers (4:27): “It’s not just what is outside, but what is inside that counts.” This is so true in many areas and particularly in a spa. When I checked the soap inside the showers, I was pleased with what I found.
Our day of rest and recreation ended with a delicious meal ordered from The Lounge, the hotel’s dairy restaurant, and served in their beautiful courtyard. After we worked and rested our bodies, it was time to feed our bodies. L’chaim!

Source: Jerusalem Post

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