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Quiet time at last- Now is the time to enjoy the summer

CM 26/05/2021 1

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COVID-19 gone? Check. War ended? Check. So now is the time to enjoy the summer – sip a cold beer on the beach, spend some time with family poolside or invite over friends. Get out there, but don’t forget to stay safe in the sun.
Beach time
Local fashion chain Golbary has launched their new beach collection and it is so pretty it will make you want to spend even more time there. There are huge cotton beach blankets that dry quickly, straw hats in many colors as well as lovely straw bags, in many colors and patterns with zippers and pockets (great for shopping too), and even flip-flops. Check them out. Prices range from NIS 99.90 for flip-flops, to NIS 129.90 for bags, NIS 89.90 for hats and NIS 79.90 for beach blankets. Available in Golbary stores and online at www.golbary.co.il
Be definitive
Bobbi Brown added a new lipstick in their Lux Lip collection. The the Luxe defining Lipstick 2-in-1, is both a lip liner and lipstick packaged in a sleek shiny golden case, and I love it. Application is very smooth and the sharpened tip helps drawing easy. The colors are to die for and the rich pigment stays for hours. There’s a built-in sharpener so you’ll have no excuses for painting outside the lines. Also I love the matte, nonchalant look. The shades go from red to blue to natural pink and even black. Go girl. NIS 185, available in Bobbi Brown stores or online at www.bobbibrown.co.il
Accurate and waterproof
GaDe introduced a new waterproof black eye liner that will save you from embarrassments when out and about in the hot summer. No smudges or leaks because of the heat and humidity – this eye liner offers a thin and accurate line, dark black pigment and it is water proof for many hours. Perfect. NIS 79, available in shops and online at www.gade.co.il
Comfortable and complimenting
Afrodita, the Israeli leisure wear chain of stores, has a fun collection of bathing suites which focuses on comfort and quality and does not leave out people over 20 (and then some), offering hip designs as well as more comfortable and less revealing cuts, that compliment those of us who have passed the age of no-cellulite. The quality is good and prices not too steep. Their separate collection can be mixed and matched – to offer more versatility for those with measurements that are not those of models. Available in Afrodita stores around the country and online at www.afrodita.co.il/
Safe in the sun
La Roche Posay is a premium dermo-cosmetic company that offers products for discerning clients and those with sensitive skin. For this summer, the company added 2 new and innovative sun screens – Anthelios spray for kids and for adults, both with wide SPF 50+ range protection (UVB + UVA), suitable for sensitive, hypoallergenic skin, that leaves no white marks, is not fatty or sticky and rejects sand(!). What more can you ask? Maybe that you don’t forget to use a sun screen every time you leave the house? NIS 199 for 200 ml. Available in private pharmacies and Maccabi Health, Meuhedet and Leumit, as well as many online outlets. For customer service call (09) 773-5556.

Mix your own skincare
A cartridge filled with concentrated active ingredients, for treating skin problems,  distributed together with a light-weight, fat-free 24hr hydrating gel – to be mixed by you according to your needs? Sounds perfect. And it is. Clinique has a collection of Dramatically Different Hydrating Clearing Gel+ Active cartridge concentrate for the treatment of different skin concerns. the company recently add another cartridge to the collection – this time for imperfections, such as black-heads, enlarged pores and un-even skin texture, that allows every user to mix the right amount of active ingredients they need in the hydrating gel. The cartridges in the collection come in six different colors for different skin concerns – red cartridge for imperfections, green for sensitized, red skin, blue for enlarged pores and uneven texture, white for uneven skin tone, orange for treating signs of fatigue and purple for the treatment of fine lines. Combining different cartridges with the gel can produce the exact gel you need. NIS 249; this month it costs only NIS 199. Online at www.clinique.co.il or in stores.
Have fun shopping
Terminal X is a very popular online fashion store. The Israeli branch of the store offers a fantastic collection of swim-wear for women, men and children, about 800 different models, and anything you order will be delivered to your home within one day. We tried – and it worked. If you do not like it – you can return the item or replace it. Navigating the store is very easy and the variety is unbelievable. Choose from brands such as Billabong, Mango, Nike, Quicksilver, Adidas and more. Look for the fun colorful ones and don’t forget to get one for the kids too. www.terminalx.com 
If , like so many others, you suffer from allergies during this time of year, try the new Kleenex Comfort tissue. It is delicate and hypoallergenic, and perfect for those suffering from seasonal allergies. Tested by eye doctors, it is also safe for using to pat dry sensitive, watery eyes.
This one’s for me
Intima, another local chain of stores for lounge and underwear apparel, now offers 30% discount on their new swim-wear collection, so do not miss out. We loved their new one-shoulder bathing suit, as well as all the cuts that are made for real people – not only 17-year-old skinny kids, especially the cuts that fit larger tops and the ones with extra support for the tummy. Checking out their collection with a younger friend, she loved the separates (mix and match) – all fun with fantastically complementing bras and high bottoms that conceal flabby tummies. Available in the Intima chain of stores or, even better, online at www.intima-il.co.il
For the babies
Going to the swimming pool with a baby? Please do not forget to put Huggies Little Swimmers on them – for your and everyone else’s convenience. Unlike the regular diapers, the Huggies Little Swimmers will not swell in the water, allowing the baby to move freely and you to feel safe. I wonder – do they make them for adults too? Available in all markets.
Teva Naot revealed their summer collection for kids – and it is cooler than ever. Created according to the company’s principals of comfort and health, the sandals are made from the best materials offering support, suppleness and cushioning with every step. All the sandals are made from “breathing” Italian leather or cotton canvas, with shock absorbing soles, made from rubber foam. Love them. Prices NIS 249-NIS 269. Available in Teva Naot stores and online tevanaot.co.il/
Protect your hair
Summer is hard on the hair – the sun, the sea, the pool water and the fact that one needs to wash their hair almost every day – so it is most important not to add more damaging factors such as hairdryers or other heating styling equipment. So what do you do? Remington just launched a new line of hairdryers in the Hydraluxe Pro line, a line of dryers and straighteners, that are equipped with a new Hydracare sensor technology, which adjusts the hot-air temperature, protecting it from over-heating but still allowing easy styling. Another plus is the fact that the dryer boasts 50% less drying time thanks to a new and much stronger engine. The design is very cutting edge and the cable is extra-long. Great for traveling too. NIS 729, including a 5+1-year warranty. Available in Hamashbir stores as well as other appliances stores. To find one near you call 1-599-55-99-66
Support the farmers
Moshavnik is an online shop that combines dozens of farmers from the southern part of our country. Now, after the ceasefire, they are up and ready to deliver the best produce from their farms to your table. Moshavnik was established in 2012 in order to present to the public the best produce in its freshest condition – not after being stored in warehouses and with no added cost. Offering a basket of seasonal fruit and vegetables, you will enjoy the flavors and the freshness as well as the price – and at the same time support local growers at their time of need – what could be better. I’m a regular client. Options: www.moshavnik.co.il
Have a (nice) beer
Bana drinks present an excellent Belgian Beer which they hold exclusively in Israel. The new De Bie boutique beer is as good as you imagine a prize-winning Belgian beer will be – full bodies, with rich flavors and excellent taste. Try the brown ale, my favorite the fruity blond or the stout. There’s even one with passion-fruit flavors. Love them. NIS 12.90 for a bottle. www.banamashkaot.co.il/

Source: Jerusalem Post

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