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Protestors in New York cry ‘Globalize the intifada’ at demonstration

CM 01/08/2021 1

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Several hundred protestors took part in a pro-Palestinian rally on Saturday in Brooklyn, New York, using inflammatory rhetoric and messaging against Israel, lauding “intifada” uprisings and chanting to take control of Israeli territory, as well as the West Bank and Gaza. 

During the protest, organized by an organization called “Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine,” demonstrators marched behind three large banners, one calling to “Globalize the Intifada,” another stating “Zionism is Terrorism,” and the other bearing the message “We will free Palestine within our lifetime.”

Intifada is an Arabic word meaning “uprising.” During the Second Intifada from 2000 to 2005, Palestinian terrorist groups including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, as well as various other groups connected to the Fatah party, conducted hundreds of terror attacks against Israeli civilians and security personnel, killing more than 1,000. 

During Saturday’s rally, Marchers chanted “We don’t want no two states, we want all of it,” in reference to the two-state solution that has formed the basis of peace proposals since then. 
A Twitter account which posted video footage of demonstrators chanting the “We don’t want no two states, we want all of it,” was deleted on Sunday afternoon. 
Other slogans sung during the rally were “If we don’t get no justice then they don’t get no peace,” as well as “intifada, intifada,” “There is only one solution, intifada revolution,” “mobilize the intifada,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” 
Demonstrators held aloft Palestinian flags set off red, green, and black flares and held up pictures of Palestinians who they said were killed by Israeli security personnel, while a pick-up truck bearing activists flying the Palestinian flag led the rally. 
Some demonstrators blocked traffic in the area, and also leveled profanities such as “F**k you” to commuters and pedestrians held up by the rally. 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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