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Police warn parents about ‘rape day’ content on social media

CM 23/04/2021

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Israel Police issued a warning to the public on Friday that social media users have been calling to hold “international rape day” on April 24th. Police representatives from the children’s protection unit and the Lahav 433 unit said that over the past few days they have been exposed to online content calling for a “rape day” that they say could pose a danger to the public.Numerous TikTok users posted videos warning women about rape day and calling on them to protect themselves. Some users posted content saying they would protest women on April 24th, or threatening potential participants in the day.According to information online, rape day is a day when sexually assaulting women is “allowed,” and people online have called for documentation of indecent acts and the publishing of this documentation. Police and TikTok have not found posts inciting to violence in Israel, but rather reaction posts condemning the day and warning people not to participate.Israel Police called on parents to explain to their children the dangers of interacting with online content that promotes violence. Police encouraged anyone exposed to rape day content or harmed to contact the police 105 hotline and report the incident.”Any watching of content that calls to harm others could be a means for sexual assault of minors and those over age 18 by those copying the content they were exposed to,” said a police spokesperson.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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