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One officer dead, on injured, attacker dead in car ramming of capitol

CM 02/04/2021

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Streets surrounding the US Capitol and congressional office buildings were locked down with a heavy police presence on Friday while Capitol police said they were responding after a motorist had tried to run down two officers.The driver exited his car wielding a knife and was shot by Capitol police after attempting to run down the two officers.

“A suspect entered what we referred to as the north barricade of the Capitol,” said Yogananda Pittman, acting chief, US Capitol Police, told reporters. “The suspect rammed his car into two of our officers and then hit the north barricade barrier.””At such time, the suspect exited the vehicle with a knife in hand. Our officers then engaged that suspect. He did not respond to verbal commands. He started lunging towards capitol police officers,” Pittman continued. “This has been an extremely difficult time for US capitol police after the events of January 6th and now the events that happened today.”Capitol police officer William F. Evans was killed in the attack, while the attacker died en route to the hospital, according to CNN. The two of them, along with one other police officer, were evacuated to the hospital.CNN reports the officer who reportedly died was stabbed by the attacker.
CNN reported that a federal source confirmed to them that the attacker has been identified as 25-year-old Noah Green of Indiana. According to his Facebook profile, he was a follower of the antisemitic, black nationalist Nation of Islam and a “devotee of Louis Farrakhan,” MSNBC reported. Police have since deleted his social media profiles.

Dozens of police cars, marked and unmarked, raced toward the Capitol building. All roads leading to the complex were blocked by police or police officers.”Man we just shot somebody,” an officer told Fox News.Authorities have begun only in the past couple of weeks to remove the outer ring of high, razor-wire-topped fencing erected around the sprawling Capitol complex after an attack on Jan. 6 by thousands of supporters of then-President Donald Trump.The FBI Washington Field reported that it is responding to the attack, as well.”We need to understand the motivation behind this [act],” Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee. “It does not appear that he is known to the Capitol police, nor the Metropolitan police department. It does not appear terrorism-related.”Pittman then added that the morale of the Capitol police is still high despite the recent events, threats and attacks.”The Capitol police… reminds in a steady state at this time,” she said. “We do not have the suspect on file with US Capitol Police, so there is no indication at this time that [he was targeting any specific member of Congress.].”The suspect exited the vehicle with a knife at hand and started to lunge towards police officers.”

Members of Congress were not in Washington on Friday, with both the Senate and House of Representatives in recess for the Easter holiday.

US President Joe Biden also was out of the city. He arrived at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland early on Friday afternoon.

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