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On this day: Treblinka extermination camp uprising

CM 02/08/2021

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On August 2, 1943, 78 years ago today, the prisoners at Treblinka Extermination Camp revolted, causing damage to the camp infrastructures and allowing several hundred prisoners to escape. 
The camp became operational July 23, 1942, the third camp created by the Germans as part of the “Reinhard” action with the purpose of exterminating Jews. Operation Reinhard was responsible for the murder of 1.7 million Jews. The train tracks that lead to the Treblinka death camp (Credit: Yad Vashem)The train tracks that lead to the Treblinka death camp (Credit: Yad Vashem)

The idea for an armed uprising and escape came from the few that were left alive after being transported to the camp. The majority of prisoners transported there were murdered, with only a few left for hard labor. They were used to empty wagons and gas chambers, burn or bury bodies, and separate items taken from those murdered. 
On August 2, 1943, on a day that the gas chambers didn’t operate, prisoners waited for a single gunshot. This was their signal. They then seized arms – including 20 hand grenades, 20 rifles, and several revolvers – set the camp building aflame, and attempted to rush the main gate. Of the roughly 700 workers, only a couple hundred succeeded in escaping. The revolt ended operations at Treblinka. Prisoners who didn’t escape were shot by Nazis. The camp was dismantled and evidence of its existence was destroyed.  Historians estimate that more than 900,000 people were murdered at the Treblinka camp. 
According to History.com, Rudolf Masaryk stood on top of a roof in the burning camp during the revolt, yelling down to Nazi guards as he shot, 
“This is for my wife and my child who never saw the world!” 


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