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Noam head verbally attacked at Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony

CM 08/04/2021

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During the “Every Person Has a Name” Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, Noam Party head MK Avi Maoz was verbally attacked by a guest, the party announced. 
“Are you not ashamed to attend such a ceremony in memory of those who were burned in the Holocaust? Too bad you live, and that your parents were not burned there,” the attacker cursed at him.
Maoz spoke at the event of his 93-year-old mother, who survived the Holocaust and moved to Israel following the war. He also mentioned by name all of his family members who perished. 
Maoz later wrote of the event to Knesset speaker Yariv Levin: “I don’t have hatred towards that sad man, rather only mercy. I love him like I love every Israeli man.” 
The Knesset Guards removed the attacker and a complaint was filed against the attacker. 
“The incident will be investigated,” The Knesset announced in response to the event, adding that the attacker’s entry approval has been revoked until further notice. 
Maoz addressed in his letter the hate that he’s received lately: “This shocking exclamation follows in a direct pattern of hate and incitement that is being pushed by various organizations, who even compared me to to [Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah] Ali Khamenei.

“In spite of all the hate, I will continue in my way, the way of love and /noam/ (pleasantness).” 
The party announced last week that it would demand that a government headquarters be established for the purpose of “discover[ing] and neturaliz[ing]” foreign interests in Israel via the principles of the Nation-state Law, which could legally reduce Arab Israelis to second-class citizenship. 
In the same announcement, they said they would work to “amend” Resolution 2331 to reflect “Jewish values.” The resolution is based on UN Resolution 1325, which urges countries to increase female presence and LFBTQ+ involvement.
Noam was slammed by politicians for the announcement. Idan Zonshine contributed to this report. 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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