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Netanyahu Trial: Witness was asked to destroy all text messages on scheme

CM 06/04/2021

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During the second day of the corruption trial for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, former Walla CEO Ilan Yeshua told the court about a dramatic meeting in December 2017 when Shaul and Iris Elovitch called him to their house on an emergency basis.
He said that the Elovitches took his cellphone and their cellphone and left them outside the house.
Next, he said that the Elovitches told him they must all coordinate their stories about the interference with Walla’s coverage.
Yeshua explained that Shaul Elovitch said that they, Yeshua and Netanyahu would all claim it was done to avoid Walla being too far left politically and due to the close friendship between Netanyahu and Shaul Elovitch.
Further, he said Shaul insisted that he destroy all text messages relating to the media scheme.
Yeshua said he refused, but said he would delete the messages later after he had saved some personal messages.
In addition, Shaul told Yeshua he should destroy his cellphone.
Yeshua said that he was in such shock from the potential of criminal liability for himself, the Elovitches and Netanyahu that when he got home, he could not get out of his car for 10 minutes.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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