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Netanyahu: ‘A plan that will bring about real revolution in Arab society’

CM 03/02/2021 5

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Public Security Minister Amir Ohana convened a press conference on Wednesday during their visit to the Israel Police National Headquarters in Jerusalem. There they announced a special plan they formulated, which they say “will bring about a real revolution in Arab society.” The statement is made against the background of violent cases in Arab society, such as the shooting that took place by police on Tuesday in Tamra, and resulted in the death of an innocent nursing student who is a local resident.”Aaron Franco, who is retired, will spearhead this tremendous effort for me as a project manager. He has very professional experience, and he has excellent relations with leaders in Arab localities. Aaron will perfect the government’s efforts in the various fields and ensure maximum coordination between them, not only personal security – everything. Which leads to the fact that it includes everything – education, welfare, economy and employment, “said Netanyahu in his opening remarks.  According to Netanyahu, a special ministerial committee will be established for Arab society that he will lead. The committee will meet regularly to monitor the implementation of two plans – short-term and long-term. “The immediate plan includes collecting weapons from Arab localities, investing one hundred million shekels in building police and fire stations – in addition to the nine we established – establishing welfare institutions, establishing a team led by the National Security Council to prevent weapons leakage, implementing a domestic violence prevention program in the Arab sector and many other important tasks.” At the end of his speech, he addressed the government and stressed: “Expect that this plan will be approved by the government,  and get started immediately. I am personally committed to carrying out this huge task, a task that will change the lives of Arab Israeli citizens. It will give great hope for the future for every boy and girl.” Ohana, who spoke after Netanyahu, said that “it’s a time period of emergency, but it also carries hope and great opportunity. Arab society suffers under the burden of crime and violence, which makes life bitter and robs the future of the youth. We have come to say enough is enough.”

He added: “We need the Arab public by our side in this battle. The majority of the Arab public is law-abiding but a small minority of them are responsible for 93% of the shootings, 64% of the murders, 56% of the weapons offenses, or in other words – about 60% of the crime in Israel and the victims of crime are, of course, Israeli citizens, Jews and Arabs alike.”In response to these remarks Joint List Chairman MK Ayman Odeh, responded: “We need a well-budgeted plan that removes the problem of criminal organizations. The plan presented tonight by Netanyahu is nothing more than an election show, on the backs of murdered Arab people. We need a tourniquet and he offers us a band-aid written on it. “”A serious plan must first drain funding sources for organized crime, shut down the gray market and put an end to the protectionist phenomenon. We must stop the movement of illegal weapons from the army to Arab citizens and confiscate the hundreds of thousands of weapons that are destroying our lives.”All this along with an emphasis on filing indictments against criminals and the rehabilitation of prisoners,” continued OdehThis is not Netanyahu’s first statement regarding the state of crime and violence in Arab society. Last week, the prime minister met with the heads of Arab authorities following a discussion of a proposal on the eradication of violence in Arab society. The proposal suggests a significant budget increase for the issue, which will be transferred to the Public Security Ministry.  The same proposal is to come later for government approval.”Beyond the irony that Netanyahu attacked the police at every opportunity and humiliated them in order to gain legitimacy for a plan to eradicate crime in the Arab sector that will never be carried out, this is something that is forbidden by a clear law,” said MK Nitzan Horowitz.”Section 2A of the Electoral Law explicitly prohibits the use of public property and public buildings for election propaganda purposes and, of course, Israeli police officers are also prevented from participating in such events,” the Meretz chairman added.”The media will do well to prevent the broadcast of the press conference, and the police will do well if in the end they arrest the prime minister for violating the law. Under Netanyahu’s deception, the violence in Arab society has doubled, perhaps even more.” Translated by Abigail Adler.
Source: Jerusalem Post

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