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Negev resident indicted of abusing 15-year-old daughter

CM 09/08/2021 2

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An indictment was filed against a Palestinian father for abuse, assault of a minor and other charges after he beat his daughter and threatened to kill her, Ynet reported on Sunday. In one case, he almost drowned her in a well and imprisoned her at home for a week. The suspect is notably a resident of Negev. The indictment, which was filed on Sunday, stated the man is married to a woman from Hebron, and that they have children together. It was also stated that in January of this year, he had inflicted severe wounds on his daughter’s head, which caused her to bleed severely.The report also stated that on July 21, the accused arrived at the family home in Hebron and he began to “interrogate his daughter about her clothes and activities outside the house”, which later followed with an “explosion from a gun,” the report stated.  

The indictment further stated that the father “tied her hands behind her back and led her to a cave near their home, where he whipped her with a belt and demanded that she tell him the truth about where she goes when she is not home. The girl told her father about a relationship she had, and then he led her back to their house with the girl’s hands still tied.”   Furthermore, shortly after almost drowning her in a well, he threatened her that she would die if she associated herself with Jews. It was not until the end of July that she managed to escape from him and reached Palestinian police.The prosecution requested that his incarceration be extended until the end of the proceedings and that the court extend his detention by five days and prevent him from contacting his daughter.  Source: Jerusalem Post

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