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Mohammed al-Kurd becomes the Palestine Correspondent for The Nation

CM 16/09/2021

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The American journal, The Nation, announced that it had taken on Mohammed al-Kurd as its new “Palestine correspondent” in a tweet on Tuesday.

Mohammed al-Kurd, together with his twin sister Muna, is a Palestinian activist from Sheikh Jarrah. The two were arrested in June on suspicion of “participating in disturbing the peace and in riots” and were released a few hours later.
One of Mohammed’s platforms for activism is Twitter, where he tweets antisemitic and anti-Israel tweets, the truth of which has often been disputed.
Last week, when six terrorists escaped from Gilboa prison, Mohammed rejoiced on Twitter, calling the terrorists political prisoners and calling for the abolishment of prisons. Later, when two were recaught, he called the terrorists “freedom fighters” and their capture a “heartbreaking development”
His views are also anti-US, with him calling the US military a “murderous terrorist organization” and US President Joe Biden a “successful was criminal.” In a separate tweet, Mohammed expressed his hope that the US troops’ “PTSD never heal”.

Israeli police officer arrests a man. (credit: ISRAEL POLICE)Israeli police officer arrests a man. (credit: ISRAEL POLICE)

Mohammed’s activism earned him a spot on Time’s 100 most influential people list alongside his sister Muna. He is joined on the list by others such as US President Joe Biden, former president Donald Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.


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