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Core Values

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The Coffee Mouth Scarecrow Show is owned and operated by 452 Impact, Inc. The Host, Guy and Margie Smith are the Founders and sole owners of 452 Impact, Inc.

Our mission, vision and core values are not only a commitment, they are backed by our promise of authenticity and a means by which everyone can hold our companies services and work ethic, as well as, all the staff accountable to the values and standards laid out before you.

We’re proud to be a P.U.R.P.O.S.E. driven company dedicated to the service of others first.

Our Mission

To use our podcast, as well as, our video podcast to help our listeners become better informed in a fun environment. Keep listeners invigorated, challenged and inspired by a fuller understanding and greater appreciation of the truth of world events and the future. Allowing our listeners the opportunity to be the Judge of what is the Truth or a Deception (lie) as we discuss and present just the facts on varied subjects and topics in various ways such as in a mix of news commentary, comedy and story telling, always with a touch of spiritual truth and guidance.

Our Vision

To provide the very best podcast/video podcast experience possible. Being the best means providing outstanding quality and value to all our listeners as we entertain, inform, offer spiritual guidance and inspire listeners around the world through the power of  truth, storytelling, humor and hope, so that we make each individual listener to every podcast leave informed, encouraged, inspired and with a smile.

Core Values



GOD sets the Standards of Conduct.
GOD keeps us from drifting away from our values.
GOD is a filter to process our decisions through.
GOD helps us with moral principles without sacrificing others.
GOD helps us to hold ourselves accountable.
GOD reminds us to always be compassionate.
GOD helps us not to ignore how we handle problems.

Don’t put us on a pedestal

We are not perfect, not even close but we are born again believers and followers of Christ Jesus.

God said in the Bible – There is none perfect we are all sinners. Romans 3:23  however great news, God loves the World so he sent his only son Jesus. Romans 5:8

Why not say “Christians”?  OK, lets exam this label.

  • We feel that label has been destroyed by so many fakes with just to many non believers calling themselves “Christian” today.
  • Many people go to church on Sunday and call themselves “Christians” but being good and going church does not make you a “Christian” it just adds to the label and misleads non believers.
  • Few words in the English language carry as much baggage as this one. Just to be clear, the early Church never called themselves “Christians”.  Fact is Jesus never actually gave a name to His followers and in the Bible, the title most often used was “saints.”
  • Many people today call themselves “Christians”.  For example, an atheistic evolutionist named Anders Breivik hailed himself online as a “Christian” before he murdered 77 people in Norway. He viewed Europe as culturally Christian as opposed to culturally Islamic, but his view of Christianity had nothing to do with Christ or God.
  • Then there’s the leading atheist Richard Dawkins is well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design and he said this, “I would describe myself as a secular cultural “Christian”, and even more particularly as a cultural Anglican “Christian”!  So he does not believe in God yet he is a “Christian”?
  • OK, then there is Former President Obama has repeatedly called himself a “Christian”, but then he also supports homosexuality, the murder of the unborn, and other sinful behaviors forbidden by Christ in his Word.
  • Let’s not forget “Sleepy Joe” – Our Current President Joe Biden, he calls himself a “Christian” but like Obama he also supports homosexuality, the murder of the unborn, and other sinful behaviors forbidden by Christ in his Word.
  • And to top it all off, “Christian” is a loaded label that turns more non-unbelievers off then on, to be sure. Look at what the so called “Christian” Catholic church allows and approves of today. It now supports homosexuality and even allows homosexuals to be ordained into the ministry. Today the Pope talks and teaches less about God and mostly about climate change, politics, Globalism and a One World Religion all under the name of “Christian”.

Sadly this is why we don’t use the label “Christian”.

Do you feel the label “Christian” has been tainted and can lead non believers astray?  You be the Judge!

After all that is what our show is all about.