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Majority of Palestinians think Israel supports apartheid – poll

CM 12/04/2021

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More Palestinians believe Israel is conducting apartheid rather than being oriented towards a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a poll conducted by the left-wing organization B’Tselem has found.The organization is among a number of left-wing groups who have attempted to promote the idea that Israel is an apartheid state. This state, according to these organizations, is made comprised of the area from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, encompassing sovereign Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.The poll was commissioned by B’Tselem and conducted by Dahlia Scheindlin and Khalil Shikaki from February 14-19, with a 3.5% margin of error.The poll questioned 598 Palestinians in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, 315 in the Gaza Strip, 200 Israeli-Arab Palestinians and 600 Jewish citizens of Israel. The questions were all related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The results showed that, among those surveyed, 45% would consider Israel an apartheid state, while only 13% believe Israel to be serious about a two-state solution to the conflict, according to B’Tselem.In contrast, 50% of the Jewish Israelis who were polled strongly rejected the definition of an apartheid state and 25% said it “doesn’t really fit.”

B’Tselem noted that “when given four options regarding their assessment of Israeli intentions, only 12% of Palestinian subjects and 14% of Israeli citizens chose a two-state solution. Combined, only 13% of the whole population believe Israel seeks a two-state solution.”The survey also showed that 54% of Israelis supported the idea of an Arab party joining a government coalition. Additionally, among Jewish Israelis, support for an Arab party joining the government has risen from 35% in April 2019 to 49% in April 2021. “The rise was most dramatic among the Jewish right-wing and centrists, from 19% of the right who said it was acceptable in 2019, to 31% at present; among the centrists, from 50% (April 2019), to two-thirds (67%) at present,” B’Tselem said.
Source: Jerusalem Post

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