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Life on the beach: What to buy before summer ends

CM 05/08/2021

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So where are you spending your summer this year? Watching the Olympic Games or looking for a cool spot by the water? The heat wave made us look for more ecological ideas for our day-to-day tasks, so even if you are stuck at home – let’s enjoy the last month of the summer before the school year and chagim are upon us.
 Domino's Carnivore's Sandwich (photographer: Courtesy) Domino’s Carnivore’s Sandwich (photographer: Courtesy)

Pizza sandwich

I try to avoid cooking as much as possible these days but when my family is tired of my creative salads, the answer (sometimes) is pizza. But looking at Domino’s ads we decided to try their other offerings including their Carnivores’ Sandwich and Meat Rolls. The sandwich (NIS 45) is actually very good and very filling – we shared one and were completely full. The meat rolls box contains 8 rolls filled with garlic butter, beef brisket and mozzarella – and resembles the flavor of their pizza (NIS 27.90). 

 Macha green tea (photographer: Courtesy) Macha green tea (photographer: Courtesy)

Big in Japan

Japanese matcha tea is really nothing like the tea we know. Macha green tea is powder made from tea leaves and apparently is considered to be very good for you, even more than regular green tea. But the flavor needs adjusting to and the preparation takes practice. So I tried – imagining myself as a Geisha. I mixed the powder with water, according to the instructions, using a bamboo brush and felt really good about it. Then I learned that one can also add the powder to other drinks, cold and hot, as well as dishes, and enjoy the amazing benefits. NIS 49.90 for 50 grams, kosher available in Nature stores.
 Private Beach, canned wine. (photographer: Guly Cohen) Private Beach, canned wine. (photographer: Guly Cohen)

Fun on the beach

Wine in a can? Well apparently it is a new trend and now DeVine has brought it to our beaches. Called Private Beach, this Italian sparkling rose wine is actually a lot of fun. Cool it at home and drink on the beach with friends – it is light, fruity and although it says that it is dry wine – the fruitiness makes it very easy to drink almost like a soft drink – but not quite. NIS 69 for a four-pack or NIS 20 for one can. Available at www.devine.co.il or in wine stores.
 Mini-Soham (photographer: Courtesy) Mini-Soham (photographer: Courtesy)

Sit like an astronaut

Local mattresses producer Soham introduced Mini-Soham, a topper for the chair you never knew you needed. The square pillow made from Visco foam fits perfectly into my chair – where I spend many hours every day. Visco was first developed for NASA to help astronauts deal with the tremendous weight. But I say if it is good for them it will be good for me too, and in fact it is very comfy and reduces the aches both in my bottom and back. The Soham topper is eight cm. thick and covered with mattress fabric with aloe-vera fibers. Try it for 30 days and if you do not like it you can return it to the company. NIS 369, delivery is free. www.soham.co.il
 Palphot backpack. (photographer: Courtesy) Palphot backpack. (photographer: Courtesy)

Getting ready for the school year

Look for the easy way to buy everything you need for the new school year – go to Palphot online and choose together with the kids everything – from school bag to pencil cases, touch-screen pens and everything else. The prices are reasonable and the choices endless. Find Fila, Puma and other brands that will appeal to older kids, as well as shiny and starry bags for younger kids. I got a couple of bags for my grand kids. They love them.
 All About Clean by Clinique (photographer: Courtesy) All About Clean by Clinique (photographer: Courtesy)

More ways to get clean

All About Clean by Clinique is the cleaning mask that has just what you need to get your skin squeaky clean – and in sustainable packaging too. The two-in-one anti-pollution mask is both purifying and scrub with bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay, it removes pollution, impurities, and excess oil, and it refines the skin’s texture, to make skin feel smoother and look bright. For all skin types, use twice weekly. NIS 199 www.clinique.co.il available in stores.
 EcoLove (photographer: ADI GILAD) EcoLove (photographer: ADI GILAD)

Good for the environment

We just love the EcoLove organic cosmetics. Not only are they organic and environmentally friendly, now they offer their wonderful products in family-size five-liter containers – so you can fill your shampoo bottles and other soaps and creams – at home. The benefit is double – less plastic waste and the price is right too. Their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap are all sold in these containers which are made from less plastic than half-liter bottles. Prices for five liter products range from NIS 199-NIS 255 and they will deliver to your doorstep if you order online. www.b-shvilenu.co.il/
 Alona Shechter (photographer: Ori Geron) Alona Shechter (photographer: Ori Geron)

Naturally refreshing

Local cosmetic manufacturer Alona Shechter introduced a new aluminum free deodorant that is quickly becoming a favorite of ours. The new deodorant is unisex and made from herbal essences that help eliminate bad smells and provide a fresh feeling. NIS 32. Look for it online at www.alonashechter.co.il
 La Roche-Posay (photographer: Courtesy) La Roche-Posay (photographer: Courtesy)


We usually think of mature skin as dry. But some people continue to suffer from excess sebum after their teen years and la Roche Posay is offering them a new serum to treat pimple-prone skin in adults. The new Effaclar Serum is very light, it absorbs very fast and it helps reduce the look of pores while targeting fine lines, smoothing and tightening the skin’s texture and boosting radiance. Perfect. NIS 189, available in pharmacies. www.laroche-posay.co.il or call (09) 773-5556
 Garnier reusable eco pads (photographer: Courtesy) Garnier reusable eco pads (photographer: Courtesy)

Joining the zero-waste effort

Garnier joins the global effort to reduce waste and introduces new microfiber cleaning eco-pads that can be used up to 1,000 times for cleaning the face. Use it with the brand’s micellar cleanser and save on waste and money. The packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. Use it, wash and reuse. Simple and excellent. NIS 29.90 for three pads.
 Lierac Paris (photographer: ASSAF LEVY) Lierac Paris (photographer: ASSAF LEVY)

A breather

I feel like I need more oxygen these days – and I do believe I am not the only one. One of my new favorite cosmetic companies, Lierac Paris, launched a new oxygen mask that came to me just in time. The Hydragenist mask has a gel-like consistency, it is rich with oxygen and hydrating agents and it has a new technique that allows the oxygen to penetrate skin all the way to the dermis and it provides an instantly younger looking skin thanks to hyaluronic acid. The smell is nice too. NIS 175 available online and at licensed beauty centers. www.lierac.co.il

Source: Jerusalem Post

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