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Jerusalem Court acquits several defendants involved in ‘hate wedding’

CM 01/09/2021

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A number of defendants were acquitted in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday for their role in the “hate wedding,” during which right-wing Jews were filmed dancing with guns and attacking photos of the three Palestinian victims of the infamous July 2015 Duma terrorist arson attack.
During the wedding, defendant and wedding singer Sinai Tor of Ramat Hasharon sang the song “Let Us Rebuild the Temple”, but added the words “that the Mosque should burn – should burn” as well as “that the Mosque should be blown up – should be blown up.”
During the song, another defendant, Daniel Moshe Piner of Kfar Tapuah, joined the dancing with a shirt bearing the written message “there are no Arabs, there are no attacks” while waving a yellow shirt on which was written the symbol of the outlawed Kach movement.

The minute-long footage of the wedding, broadcast by Channel 10 in 2015, horrified the public and Israeli politicians across the spectrum. It showed young men wearing white skullcaps and shirts, dancing while holding knives and guns and carrying out violent displays.
Video of far-rightists stabbing photos of dead Palestinian baby‏ (credit: CHANNEL 10)Video of far-rightists stabbing photos of dead Palestinian baby‏ (credit: CHANNEL 10)
In total, 13 people were indicted on charges of incitement to violence and terrorism for these events at a December 7, 2015 wedding, five of whom were at the time minors aged 14 to 17. 
The minors have since been acquitted, with the court ruling that they in particular did not cross the line between immoral conduct (which itself is protected under freedom of expression) and criminal conduct. However, it is possible that the prosecution may consider moving forward, including possibly even appealing to the Jerusalem District Court.
The other defendants remain on trial. 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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