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Israel’s COVID vaccine kicks off Phase IIb trial in Georgia

CM 10/08/2021

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NRx Pharmaceuticals announced it is kicking off a Phase IIb trial for Israel’s BriLife coronavirus vaccine in the country of Georgia. 
The vaccine was developed by the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR). Last month, the institute signed an agreement with Nasdaq-traded NRx to help fast-track the vaccine, which has been plagued by delays for more than a year.
The original hope was to have the vaccine available by this summer.
According to a release by NRx, the purpose of the study is to “confirm the vaccine’s ability to generate an immune response against the COVID-19 Delta variant, prior to entering Phase III trials in multiple nations.”

“As the Delta and subsequent variants continue to threaten the immunity generated by first-generation vaccines, we hope that this new vector-based approach may offer enhanced immunity,” said NRx Chairman Prof. Jonathan Javitt.
The trial will also incorporate a potential intradermal vaccination option where a small quantity of vaccine is placed into the skin instead of a traditional needle injection into a muscle.
The trial is being conducted with oversight from the Senator Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research in Georgia.
“IIBR will accompany the process and will continue to provide scientific knowledge in order to complete the trials,” a spokesperson for Israel’s Defense Ministry was quoted as saying in the release. 
The Defense Ministry declined a request for added comment by The Jerusalem Post.
NRx has exclusive worldwide development, manufacturing, and marketing rights for BriLife. The company has committed to supplying Israel with any required doses of the vaccine if and when it is completed.
At the same time, Israel is completing its own Phase II trials at hospitals across the country, led by Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.
IIBR operates under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office and works closely with the Defense Ministry. BriLife is a Hebrew play on words: the “bri” is the first part of the Hebrew word for health; the “il” stands for Israel and “life.”
BriLife is a vector-based vaccine. The vaccine takes the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and genetically engineers it so that it will express the spike protein of the novel coronavirus on its envelope,” the NRx release said. “The BriLife™ vaccine also differs from other COVID-19 vaccine approaches in that it is a self-propagating, live-virus vaccine that may be updated to address new variants of COVID-19 more rapidly than some other vaccine platforms.”
Once injected, it does not cause a disease by itself. VSV does not infect humans; instead, the body recognizes the spike protein that is expressed on the envelope and begins to develop an immunological response. 
“The vaccine differs from other COVID-19 vaccines by presenting the entire COVID-19 spike protein to the body’s immune system. The spike protein complex from variants may be added to the BriLife vaccine as new variants are discovered.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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