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Israelis traveling to US experiencing ‘mass hysteria’

CM 04/08/2021

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People traveling to the United States have been in a state of “mass hysteria” since the government put the US under a severe travel warning, Ziontours Jerusalem CEO Mark Feldman told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday.
On Tuesday, the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee placed the US, France, Italy, Germany, Greece and several other countries under a severe travel warning that will go into effect next Wednesday, August 11. Starting then, all travelers entering Israel from these countries will be required to isolate for a minimum of seven days – even if they are fully vaccinated or recovered.
In the hours following the announcement, “dozens of my clients called and canceled their flights to the States until the winter,” Feldman said. “The ones who are scheduled to come back at the end of August started panicking because they don’t want to be in quarantine over the Rosh Hashanah holiday, which starts on September 6. And many people got so scared about getting back before the quarantine next week, they paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars to land here by next Tuesday the 10th, before it goes into effect.”

Any clients with reservations for vacations in Greece also canceled their trips immediately, Feldman said.
“Keep in mind that foreign tourists are still not allowed in here, so forget Sukkot visitors, forget about pilgrims for the Feast of Tabernacles,” Feldman added. “That’s all gone. But now, we’ve lost the Israelis that live abroad that would have come here for the holidays as well. I believe this insanity will continue through the High Holiday season.”
Travelers are angry that Israel has adopted stricter laws than other countries, he said. “Why are they requiring a full seven-day quarantine? Why do they demand a third PCR test on day three after they arrive? Why are our health professionals the only ones in the world putting these draconian conditions on honest citizens? Why is the US allowing anyone to enter the country with a negative test and nothing else? Why is the UK succeeding in reducing its numbers without any quarantine?”What do our health professionals know that others don’t? The people require answers.”
Where is there left for Israelis to go? “The only destinations that have any interest at all for Israelis are places like Switzerland and Austria, which are not yet red, as well as Thailand for some long-term travelers,” Feldman said.
“Israir announced yesterday five new weekly flights to Romania and Montenegro,” he noted. “Will Bucharest be interesting for Israelis who just want to get away? I’m skeptical, but at least they are trying.” 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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