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Israeli startup partners with US radiology practice to apply AI solutions

CM 07/04/2021

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US-based Radiology Partners (RP) will be teaming up with Israel-based Aidoc “to offer unparalleled AI capabilities to its hospitals and health systems and to accelerate the adoption of AI as the standard of care in radiology,” the two have announced in a statement.RP is one of the leading radiology practices in the United States, while Aidoc is a leader in artificial intelligence solutions for medical imaging. RP’s equity reportedly totals $4 billion before the addition of the strategic partnership.“AI has the potential to unlock enormous value for the entire healthcare ecosystem, and I believe our partnership with Aidoc will turn out to be the tipping point for AI in radiology, a medical specialty that has systemic influence on the overall delivery of patient care,” said CEO and Chairman for RP Rich Whitney. “RP radiologists interpret nearly one in 10 of all imaging studies conducted in the US, and we are fast approaching a world in which AI tools serve as critical skill multipliers for physicians, allowing step-function improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes, and reductions in overall healthcare costs,” Whitney added.Aidoc’s solutions could help expedite patient treatment while improving quality of care by flagging problem areas in real time. This leads to the reduction in a patient’s stay within the emergency department, and in turn lower cost of care.Aidoc has already applied its solutions within hundreds of offices and hospitals around the world, with an estimated increased turnover rate of 30% for patients.“Health systems are coming to realize that they need an enterprise approach to AI and that it will become impossible to adopt fragmented, niche AI solutions for every subspecialty,” said CEO and Co-founder of Aidoc Elad Walach. “Over the past four years, we’ve developed the most comprehensive acute AI suite on the market.

“We doubled the number of products last year and will double the portfolio again this year,” Walach added. “A partnership between the clear leader in imaging AI and the clear leader in radiology physician services will accelerate adoption and establish an exciting new standard of care in the radiology field.”The partnership will allow Aidoc to develop and refine tools used across 30 different states. It will be the largest collection of radiology data across the US.“The adoption of AI promises to deliver better clinical outcomes and save lives,” said RP’s Associate Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Artificial Intelligence Dr. Nina Kottler. And while we have deep experience with AI and integrated machine learning, we knew we needed an expert partner to propel our capabilities into the future.“With a priority on enhancing patient care while improving the physician experience, Aidoc’s ability to demonstrate value in our complex and highly diverse population provided the confidence we needed to forge this alliance,” Kotler continued. ” I am confident our collaboration will further the transformation of radiology.”
Source: Jerusalem Post

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