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Israel Labor Court: Waitress forced to do ‘body shot’ sexually harassed

CM 10/08/2021

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The appeal of a waitress, forced to allow a costumer to take a “body shot” off her body, was accepted by Israel’s labor court who determined that a body shot can be sexual harassment, Israeli media reported.

The waitress, a new olah from the United States, was working at Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv at the time of the incident, KAN reported.  
The case, which set a new precedent in Israel, was first heard in the regional labor court where the judge determined that the waitress consented to the act, according to KAN. The waitress then appealed to the national labor court, which determined that the waitress was sexually harassed.
“There can be no consent when one party has authority,” the waitresses lawyer told KAN. “We are talking about young women who are entring the job market for the first time. There is no way [forcing them to participate in body shots] can be a legitimate demand made of them.”

A body shot is when someone takes a shot of alcohol off the body of another person. Often it includes salt being poured on the person’s body, and a lime being placed on their body. The person taking the shot then licks the liquor and salt from the other person’s body.MK Michal Rozin took to Facebook to support the decision. “This decision comes as the latest in a string of important verdicts in ‘sexual entertainment’ specifically, and sex offenses in general.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

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