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Israel is opening back up: What to go out and buy

CM 29/04/2021

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 As Israel opens up, make time to enjoy the great weather and get ready for Shavuot.

(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Longer and thicker

Summer is not the best season for one’s hair. The swimming pool’s water and the sea as well as the sun can damage the hair extensively and the results are split ends and more breakable hair fibers. L’Oréal professional launched Pro Longer, a new line that promises to help even long hair stay healthier longer. The line includes shampoo, mask and a completely new item – Ends Filler, that helps prevent split ends and protect the hair from heat. The new patent-protected formula is made out of two active ingredients – filloxane and Polyquanternium PQ6, both known for targeting breakable areas along the hair fiber and helping hair stay thicker and stronger. Results can be seen from the first use. Prices range from NIS 141 for the shampoo to NIS 209 for the mask and NIS 90 for three 15-ml. filler ampoules. Available in professional hair salons or call 1-800-301-666.
(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Summer – at last

No one does flip-flops like Havaianas, the famed Brazilian brand. This year the new trends include many special editions for the whole family, so get fashionable with a couple of new pairs – after all, nothing suits the hot and sweaty Israeli summer better than flipflops. Prices range between NIS 50 and NIS 140. And while at it, take a look at their sunglasses collection. www.havaianas.co.il(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Peel off the years

After suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis and successfully treating herself, beauty expert Sarah Getz, decided to further investigate the subject and opened a center for the treatment of skin problems in Herzliya. Now she also produces her own cosmetics. One of her star products is an excellent foaming facial soap that includes alpha hydroxyl acids, AHA and calming ingredients, as well as Hyaluronic acid. The soap not only cleans the skin but also adds hydration and calms the skin with aloe-vera and other ingredients. NIS 250, to order call 050-923-5621. For more information go to: saragetz.co.il(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)
(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

The good oil

Alona Shechter is an Israeli cosmetic company that specializes in products based on medical herbs and Dead Sea minerals. The brand recently introduced a new vitamin oil that is perfect for the more mature skin, adding not only vitamins but also actually adding volume and creating a smoother look. The formula includes many active hydrating ingredients that work to slow aging processes and promote collagen production – including avocado oil, carrot oil, wheat-germ oil and more. The oil is ideal for all skin types; use in the evening under night cream. NIS 200 for 50 ml. at www.alonashechter.com or call 1-800-210-210.(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

The secret of the red ginseng

Kiehl’s New York, one of my favorite cosmetic brands, has added a new super serum that sometimes, especially on very hot days, I use without a facial cream. The new Vital Skin-Strengthening Super serum is especially light in texture and helps contain the magical hyaluronic acid that helps skin look more radiant and refreshed. Using herbal ingredients such as red ginseng root and Indian basil, the company promises twice as strong skin within only 4 weeks of using the serum. Clinical trials proved that 90% of women who tried the serum said skin felt smoother instantly and 85% said their skin looked smoother after four weeks. NIS 239. Available in the brand’s stores in malls around the country.(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Overnight miracles

Vichy introduced Liftactiv Glyco-C Night Peel Ampoule – an anti-aging innovation that targets different types of hyperpigmentation (dark spots, age spots and acne marks) with a protective ampoule glass that brings just the right daily dose. The powerful Vichy volcanic water enriched with 10% active complex that includes Glycolic acid, an anti-dark spot reference active by dermatologist and vitamin complex CG.
Clinically proven to brighten and gently peel the listless outer layer of the skin, results are easily seen even after one night, and after a month the visibility of dark spots is greatly reduced. The product is fragrance free, contains no paraben and is safe for all skin types. Available in a box of 10 or 30 Ampoules for NIS 119/NIS 269. For more details go to www.vichy.co.il or call (09) 773-0800.(Photo credit: Nimrod Sanders)(Photo credit: Nimrod Sanders)

Must-have pasta

Pasta too has become one of the staple dishes for Shavuot – and Barilla takes advantage, introducing a new line of three quality pasta shapes including Trofie, a shape I never saw before, that holds any sauce beautifully. I used it for a cold pasta salad and it was excellent. Other shapes include Tagliatelle Paglia e Fieno, with spinach – our favorite, and Pasta Castellane, shell shaped pasta perfect for complementing your special sauce. Barilla’s Chef suggests cooking the pasta one minute less than mentioned on the box – if you prefer Al Dente. NIS 11.90, kosher. (Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Sweet pasta for Shavuot

Pasta Nonna is an excellent local fresh pasta company located in the Galilee. For this holiday they ask you to open your mind to a new idea – which is common in Italy – filled pasta as dessert. Adding two new sweet ravioli flavors to their otherwise rich collection, they introduce Ravioli with hazelnut and Mascarpone, and Ravioli with Amarena cherries and mascarpone. So when guests drop by during the holiday – just drop the pasta in boiling water for two to three minutes, or sauté in butter and serve with vanilla or chocolate sauce, or sprinkle with powdered sugar. Kosher (dairy) NIS 24.80.(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Farm to table

Owned by three families of farmers from the South, Natureza-Farm offers excellent quality salad mixes that are actually worth buying. We tried a few of the options and realized that unlike other companies, their salads stay fresh in the fridge for days and the flavor of the salads is incredible. Especially suited for summer picnics and large gatherings, we found that even after opening the bags, the vegetables stay fresh and crispy – so one can use them for a few days, and enjoy the benefit of eating a variety of vegetables without having to buy a lot and waste some. We especially love the grated root vegetables that we used to prepare an Asian salad (pour the content into a bowl, add dressing made from soy sauce, lemon and a little honey or sugar), and voila – everyone loves this salad. Not to speak of mixed leaves salad that needs only some olive oil and a mix we like to use for a quick stir-fry. Also available are broccoli flowers, cauliflower and more. Support them and enjoy the freshness. The products are available both in stores and online at www.narureza-farm.co.il(Photo credit: Studio Merhav)(Photo credit: Studio Merhav)

Too hot to cook

We love the Tivol vegan cauliflower snacks, and always keep them in the freezer in case our vegan family member decides to drop in. Now Tivol has added similar broccoli snacks that are just as good, and are perfect as a side dish for a Shavuot meal. Keep them in the freezer for when you don’t feel like spending too much time frying – which for me is almost all summer. NIS 29.90(Photo credit: Anatoly Michaelo)(Photo credit: Anatoly Michaelo)

For your next BBQ party

Independence Day marked the opening of BBQ season and it seems that we have become a nation of meat lovers. The excellent chain of delicatessens Kulinarik (kulinarik.co.il) has launched a new category of quality fresh beef under the brand Butchery, offering special cuts of beef grown in the Golan Heights. The new line includes six aged cuts, packed in a very high standard. The line includes 350 grams of aged Entrecote (NIS 169.90 for a kilo) which was perfect even cooked on the stove top, T-Bone steak (NIS 149.90) and New York steak (NIS 119.90) – both are better I think on the grill, fillet steak (NIS 239.90 per kilo), Ossobuco (NIS 59.90), and Goulash cubes (NIS 69.90) which we have not yet tried. The cuts are sold in vacuum packages (skin-pack) that help keep them fresh and looking great. Orders can be placed online and at 077-602-2223 (Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Double dolce

How come exactly when we need to live on salad greens and keep our stomachs in – while wearing swimwear or light summer clothes – is exactly when the ice cream companies introduce the most decadent and enticing flavors? Now, as Magnum says – “Pleasure has more than one layer.” The new Dolce Gold Double magnum is made of creamy vanilla ice cream, made with chocolate ripple and covered with caramel and crunchy caramel biscuit bits. It is so good you will never let anyone take a bite. Get the family box – at least the size is smaller.
(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

My case

As the sky slowly opens up and flights begin to return, local brand Rollink introduces Neo, “the smartest suitcase in the world.” The new line of smart luggage includes both a 29-inch and an on-board trolley, that offer special apps connecting your mobile phone to the case. These apps include an app that will let you know when your case is making its way on the conveyor belt long before you can see it, allowing you to wait comfortably away from the crowds, an app that weighs the case so you don’t have surprises during check-in, and an app that will let you know if someone tries to pick it while you doze off. Another important app will lock and unlock the luggage, but just in case you worry – you can use keys, as well. To top it all – the luggage is pretty and comes in a variety of colors. I like the yellow – which one do you like? NIS 1,299 for the 29-inch case and NIS 699 for the carry-on. www.rollink.com

Source: Jerusalem Post

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