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‘Israel decision making process must take into account Diaspora Jews’ says Diaspora minister

CM 29/09/2021

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Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai has called for the State of Israel to include the voice of Diaspora Jews within the government’s decision-making process, including on security concerns. 
Speaking at an event at Mount Herzl presenting details of a survey on Jewish Peoplehood and Israel-Diaspora relations, Shai also called for the establishment of a government body to coordinate the state’s activities combatting antisemitism abroad. 
“Within the decision-making process of the government of Israel the voice of Diaspora Jews needs to be heard,” said Shai. 

“In the National Security Council where the security of the State of Israel is evaluated there should be someone at the table who says ‘Let’s think about the impact this has on Jews around the world. There are 8 million Jews living around the world, how will our decisions influence them’,” said the minister. 
He insisted that these considerations should not be “the decisive ones” but that they should be “one of the considerations.”

Jewish Diaspora women arriving in Israel (credit: MOMENTUM)Jewish Diaspora women arriving in Israel (credit: MOMENTUM)

Shai said that the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza, during which antisemitism around the world spiked dramatically, had brought home to him the importance of Israel bearing in mind how its actions influence Jewish life in the Diaspora. 
Turning to the issue of antisemitism itself Shai, noted that several ministries and organizations deal with the issue, including the Foreign Ministry, his own Diaspora Affairs Ministry, the Jewish Agency, and others, but said having responsibility for the issue spread so wide was not effective. 
“We need to establish a central body which can integrate all the activities of this field and we need to give such a body the right resources so that it can act in international frameworks, state to state, state to international organizations, people to people, and carry out a whole realm of activities, which we are far from doing,” said Shai. 
“The new world of social media networks is supporting and increasing antisemitism without a doubt. The fact that there is an international anonymous, so open, so broad, free, where anyone can say whatever they want without bearing the responsibility for what they are saying makes it much easier to disseminate this 
“We have a responsibility to help the fight against antisemitism and Israel isn’t fulfilling these responsibilities.”
Shai was speaking at a conference presenting the findings of a survey commissioned by several organizations including Enter, Reut, WZO, AM”I, the Schusterman Foundation, Our Common Destiny, and others.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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