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Indian woman in her 60s gives birth to first child

CM 20/10/2021

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A woman in Kutch, India, who is between 65 and 70 years old, gave birth to her first child, according to a report in The Times of India.
The woman, Jivuben Valabhai Rabari, did not have documents confirming her age, but she told doctors she was between 65 and 70 years old.
Rabari volunteered to participate in an in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Although doctors warned her of the risks of pregnancy at her age, she insisted on going through with the procedure.
The doctors regulated Rabari’s menstrual cycles with oral medication, widened her uterus, fertilized her eggs and created a blastocyst, a cell structure that is the early stages of an embryo, which they then implanted in the uterus, gynecologist Dr. Naresh Bhanushali told the Times.
The doctors conducted a sonography two weeks into the pregnancy and saw that a healthy fetus was developing. After eight months, they successfully performed a caesarian section, according to the newspaper.

Jivuben Valabhai Rabari (R) with her husband and newborn baby. (credit: REUTERS)Jivuben Valabhai Rabari (R) with her husband and newborn baby. (credit: REUTERS)

Rabari and her husband, who have been married for 45 years, were previously unable to have children, but “now, at their extreme age, they were determined to become parents,” Maariv reported.
“When the Rabari couple first came to us, we told him she would not be able to give birth at such an older age, but they both kept insisting,” Bhanushali said in Maariv. “I admit, this is one of the rarest cases I have encountered.”


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