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If Bennett doesn’t tell, Mossad operation will be a failure – analysis

CM 04/10/2021

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No one knows whether the Mossad operation which Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced to the Knesset regarding the remains of decades-long lost air force pilot Ron Arad was a success or a failure.
But regardless of what actually happened, if Bennett does not reveal some concrete partial success, and soon, it will be recorded in history as a failure.
Already, sources within the Mossad and the broader defense establishment have called the operation daring, but a failure and have slammed Bennett for publicizing the operation.

Bennett’s predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, was known for outing the Mossad more often than any prime minister in history.
He was criticized for this by four living former Mossad chiefs.
But when Netanyahu did publicize Mossad’s heist of Iran’s nuclear archives on April 30, 2018, he had kept the operation secret for three months in order to only present it to the world once he had significant substance to share.

ron arad (credit: Archives)ron arad (credit: Archives)

The impression Bennett has given to date through his vague announcement and his just as vague push back that the operation “attained its goals,” is that he simply wanted to say the words Mossad out loud and look prime ministerial like his predecessor Netanyahu.
Hopefully, this is not the case and Bennett will have more to share.
If he does, and does it soon, he can set the record straight.
However, if he does not, he will have violated one of his cardinal principles for the new government: returning governing to normal.
Normal for the Mossad is being in the shadows.
It is not being used as a political football.
Normal means achieving missions that no one finds out about until after the operations people are long dead or ancient, so that there is no blowback and sources and methods can be protected.
There is no telling what additional resources Israel’s enemies may now pour into discovering what Israel was doing and what they might discover – none of which might have happened if it had been kept quiet.
Bennett presented himself as the man who would depoliticize government business where politics has no business getting involved.
He will now have to prove that he did not violate this promise by sharing what success he achieved and why it was necessary to go public in the first place.
After the article was published Bennett’s spokesperson put out a statement saying that “the operation to gather intelligence about Ron Arad was a successful operation that was done through achieving exceptional operational goals.
“Presenting the information to the Knesset members had great value that expresses the attempts and the commitment to returning our boys home, even years after they are taken hostage.
“Any other information that was spread around is an outright lie.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

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