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IDF finds Duvdevan troops injured by friendly fire

CM 12/11/2021

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An investigation into the serious injury of two Duvdevan soldiers during an arrest of Hamas terrorists in September has found that they were hit by friendly fire.
The two troops, Capt. D and Sgt. Y., were seriously injured during a firefight in the West Bank village of Burqin when they engaged armed Palestinian terrorists. One of the men was shot in the chest and lost one of his lungs while the other man was shot in the jaw and stomach. The two also suffered from shrapnel wounds.
The wave of arrests in five different locations in the West Bank targeted a Hamas cell that Israeli security forces had been tracking for several days and was planning an attack. The raids were led by the Duvdevan counter-terrorism unit as well as the Israel Police and Border Police YAMAM and YAMAS counter-terrorism units and the Shin Bet security services.

The findings of the investigation were presented this week by the Head of the Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yehuda Fuchs to IDF Chief Staff Lt.Gen. Aviv Kohavi.
The chief of staff stated that the troops had fulfilled their mission by breaking up a large part of a Hamas terrorist cell in the West Bank. Sources said at the time that the large and heavily armed Hamas cell that was targeted during the arrests planned to carry out attacks in the West Bank and inside Israel. 

IDF soldiers of the Duvdevan Unit (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S OFFICE)IDF soldiers of the Duvdevan Unit (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S OFFICE)

But the serious injury of the two forces, an office and a soldier led to an in-depth investigation.
The investigation revealed that during the operation to arrest one of the terrorists, the man opened fire at the troops who were in the yard of the house, and they, in turn, responded with fire. The terrorist ran from the yard and an IDF commander who was outside along with his soldier fired at the suspect and hit him.
During the chase, they entered the yard and were hit by friendly fire.
Kohavi accepted the conclusions of the investigation as presented, including the mistake of entering the courtyard without operational coordination with the rest of the force, the military said, adding that he “stressed the importance of understanding and controlling the troops in the operational environment in which they operate.”
Wishing a speedy recovery to the men, he said that “in this incident, the fighters of the Duvedvan Unit used their bodies to prevent harm coming to Israeli citizens.”
“The IDF will continue to thwart terrorism, protect civilians and at the same time thoroughly investigate every incident, learn and improve.  At the same time, mistakes occur in combat and we will also back you up even when you’ve erred, I trust you, your fighting spirit, the revelation of the truth, and your ability to learn. “
Five Palestinians were killed during the wave of arrests that took place in  Burqin, Jenin, Qabatiya, Kfr Dan, and Bidu north of Jerusalem.
The arrest operation began before midnight on Saturday night with troops from Duvdevan arrested one suspect along with his weapon in Jenin with no resistance. Shortly after midnight, Duvdevan troops carried out another raid in the village of Kfr Dan north of the flashpoint city and arrested another suspect without any violence.
Another raid, in the village of Burqin near Jenin, targeted another armed suspect. Gunfire broke out after IDF troops surrounded the home where the suspect was hiding and demanded that he exit. 
The suspect was injured by IDF troops following a gunfight that broke out, he was arrested and taken into custody along with his weapon.
A second gunfight broke out in the village of Burqin between suspects and Duvdevan troops as well as YAMAM troops from the Israel Police. The suspects who were killed by IDF fire were identified as 22-year-old Osama Sobah and 16-year-old Yosef Sobah.
Palestinian Islamic Jihad later endorsed Osama Sobah as a group member and threatened that “black days await Israel in the West Bank. Its crimes will only intensify our resistance and unity.”
Three other armed Palestinians were killed in the clashes in Bidu with YAMAM troops. The three dead suspects, all Hamas militants, were identified as Ahmad Zahran, Mahmoud Humaidan, and Zakaria Badwan. 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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