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From Russia, with love for the Jewish State of Israel

CM 01/08/2021 6

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Russian-born Petr Pesov originally came to Israel four years ago to earn his undergraduate degree at Tel Aviv University International (TAUi). Now, he is building a life in the Jewish state.

After finishing his degree last year, Pesov applied to become an Israeli citizen – he “made aliyah.” Now, he is finishing up his master’s degree focused on conflict resolution and mediation.
The degree itself is part of TAU’s International Program, and it offers a multi-disciplinary angle on conflicts going on around the world, Pesov told The Jerusalem Post.
Pesov describes his journey from Russia to Israel as a “sort of self-discovery,” noting that while he didn’t initially plan on it, after doing some self-searching, Pesov realized this is where he would like to stay.
“I never really connected with my Jewish identity, until I came here,” Pesov said. “Then I decided to make aliyah, so as you can imagine I enjoy [living] here very much.”
What brought him to TAU was recommendations and reviews the university receives across the world, noting that TAU is a very well-known school throughout the international community and that the international interdisciplinary tracks are very attractive to students attending from abroad.
Pesov said that during his time at school he met students from across the world who also chose to attend TAU as international students, stating that the campus population is extremely diverse in that aspect.
“People [attend] from all around the world, virtually any country you can imagine,” he said. “It’s a very diverse background and it’s always interesting to see the way people look at different issues and learn from them.”
Pesov noted a situation in which he and a couple other students created a forum on which international students could voice their unique opinions on different issues facing the world today.
Pesov said that within that he found that people have a wide-variety of opinions, adding that “it’s always interesting to see how the combination and variety of opinions coincide with each other.
“In order to form some shape objectivity, it’s important to look at all subjects of views.”
Pesov hopes to extend his studies after graduating in August to work toward submitting a master’s thesis. From there he intends to earn his PhD in public policy and conflict resolution.
Between his studies, the lecturers, guest speakers and curriculum offered to students at TAU, Pesov said that the overall experience made him who he is today, and urges other students coming from diverse international backgrounds not to shy away from attending the Israeli university regardless of their background.
“Don’t be scared, and perceive the unknown is the motto of Tel Aviv University,” said Pesov. “That is something that helped me personally. I had my doubts initially upon coming here, and four years later I’m in love with the school, with the country and the journey I completed over the last four years.
“One should not be scared of trying new things and pursuing new knowledge.”

TAU Student Stories: Petr Pesov

Source: Jerusalem Post

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