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Following op-ed in the Jerusalem Post, CNN apologizes to Dore Gold

CM 02/08/2021 1

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CNN news anchor Fareed Zakaria apologized to Israel’s former Foreign Ministry director-general Dr. Dore Gold on Sunday after mistakenly claiming that Gold said that the “two-state solution” would be realized when Jordan became the Palestinian state.Zakaria apologized on the August 1 episode of his CNN television program GPS.”On last week’s show, I asked King Abdullah about the concept that there would be no stand-alone Palestine state in the future that but instead his nation, Jordan, would become the de-facto Palestine state,” said Zakaria “I said the idea had been recently mentioned by long time Israeli diplomat, Dore Gold. I was wrong. Many have talked about that concept, but not ambassador Gold. I apologize for that error.”“Facts and the pursuit of truth are important things in the work I do, so it was important that this mistake be corrected,” Gold said in response.Zakaria interviewed King Abdulluh on July 25, and asked the king for his thoughts on the idea that Jordan would become the Palestinian state, asserting that Gold was a proponent of the solution. According to a Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs press release, Zakaria’s allegations circulated on his personal Twitter account, which was then quoted by the Jordanian press. As of the writing of this article the tweet cannot be found.Gold published an Op-Ed for The Jerusalem Post on July 29, in which he noted the damage that Zakaria’s misinformation had done, “by feeding into a long-held fear in Jordan that Israel was scheming to solve the Palestinian problem at Jordan’s expense.”Dr. Dore also took to Twitter, calling Zakaria’s interview fake news and denying that he had ever said such a thing. On the contrary, Dr. Dore said that he views “the Hashemite Kingdom as an anchoring element for Israel and the entire region.” 
In addition to being the former director-general of the Foreign Ministry, Gold was also Israel’s representative to the United Nations. Currently, he serves as the president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.


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