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Far-right Noam MK denigrates democracy in maiden Knesset speech

CM 21/04/2021

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Blasting “post-modernism” and what he described as efforts to undermine Jewish identity and nationalism, MK Avi Maoz of the anti-LGBT Noam party and constituent party of the Religious Zionist Knesset faction, gave his maiden speech to the Knesset on Wednesday and promised to fight against these phenomena. He decried what he said are “poisonous attacks on Jewish identity and nationalism, and the family construct, and said his party would seek to “expose and eliminate” the “foreign, destructive  influences of post-modernism.”Labor MK and Reform leader Rabbi Gilad Kariv, who walked out of the Knesset plenum in protest of the presence of the Noam MK, condemned Maoz’s speech as “Israeli fascism and Jewish fundamentalism.”The Noam party is a hard-right party whose constituents likely number no more than 20,000 voters from the ultra-conservative wing of the religious-Zionist community. It has placed a heavy focus on opposing equal rights for LGBT individuals and opposes what it has described as efforts to “indoctrinate” Israeli society and “normalize” homosexuality.Noam united with the far-right Kahanist Otzma Yehudit party during the last election cycle, and that joint list then joined the National Union party led by Bezalel Smotrich and labelled themselves the “Religious Zionist Party.”Speaking from the podium in the Knesset plenum, Maoz gave an outline of Jewish history which he said was defined by a dream to establish “a kingdom of the Jewish people in its country,” and the dream of the return of the Jewish people to its independence, its land, and its language.

“They did not dream of a state of all its citizens and of being the only democracy in the Middle East,” said Maoz. The MK said that the new, “engineered public consciousness” determined that “there is no absolute truth or falsehood,” and that “ethics are similarly relative and dependent on context, time, and place, and therefore there is no good, and no evil.”Addressing the issue of tolerance for the LGBT community, Maoz said that the “post-modernism effort” has “reached the pinnacle of poison and destruction because this world view seeks to obscure all identity – personal, family, and national – and at the same time make any other opinion illegitimate by silencing, besmirching, and demonization.”He said this phenomenon “deals a mortal blow to the human race in general and aims its poisonous arrows against anyone and anything who expresses a Jewish and national identity, and against anyone who threatens its heresy with the concepts of truth and falsehood, good and bad.”    During his speech, Maoz attacked the High Court of Justice for rulings he said were “anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist, and anti-national, and for advancing post-modern values such a dismantling the family structure. He also condemned President Reuven Rivlin’s hypothesis about growing tribalism in Israeli society between secular Jews, religious-Zionist Jews, ultra-orthodox Jews, and Arabs, and his recommendations to create greater coexistence between these sectors, as consciousness engineering.Maoz went on to say that Noam would fight for two goals during his time in Knesset. “An unceasing struggle to preserve the Jewish identity of the State of Israel and to strengthen it, particularly in the appearance of Jewish identity with public visibility, in public, and an uncompromising struggle against post-modernism and the consciousness engineering which threatens our national liberty and tries to take control of the public consciousness and the consciousness of individuals and to enslave them,” intoned Maoz.  He added that Noam would work towards the establishment of a state authority by the name of the “Defense of the Nation and Jewish Identity of our State” to “strengthen Jewish identity and to “expose the foreign, destructive  influences of post-modernism, and to eliminate them. Kariv lambasted Maoz’s speech.“Never has such a refined speech of Israeli fascism and Jewish fundamentalism been heard from the Knesset podium,” said Kariv. “The Israeli public was presented with a worldview imbued with hatred, arrogance, and a distortion of reality. Contrary to his claim, there is no basis for the influence of post-modern worldviews, and most of the Israeli public knows how to distinguish between good and evil, and therefore rejects the racist, chauvinistic and homophobic worldviews of MK Maoz and his friends,” continued Kariv. “If the person heading the government of Israel was not someone who has forgotten how to distinguish between good and evil, Maoz would not currently be serving as a member of the Israeli Knesset,” the MK concluded, alluding to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strenuous efforts to unite the National Union together with Otzma Yehudit – Noam to ensure all three parties passed the electoral threshold together to buttress his right-wing, religious political bloc.
Source: Jerusalem Post

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