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Exploring the Red Sea: A warm taste of paradise at the Dan Eilat Hotel

CM 05/08/2021

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After more than a year being stuck in our homes due to the pandemic, I think most of us need a vacation at a place where we can recharge our batteries.
I had a really tough year and I had been hoping for more than six months to travel abroad, but with all the coronavirus prohibitions I hadn’t gotten further than a beach day in Tel Aviv. 
So a friend and I decided that we needed to do it now, in case another wave of the virus comes again and reduces our possibilities of finding a nice retreat.
Only four hours away from Jerusalem and we were at the Dan Eilat Hotel, feeling like we were in paradise, away from the daily stress of life in Israel.

The hotel is located in the center of town, minutes away from the beautiful beaches, attractive malls and bustling bars and restaurants.
We got there early on Friday morning and were surprised by an amazing sunrise, after which started enjoying the sunshine while the temperature climbed to 38° by 9 a.m. 
We took a bus from Eilat to the border with Sinai to jump into the cold water to refresh ourselves. I also had my first snorkeling experience at a stunning Red Sea coral beach, swimming with dozens of colorful fish in the marine world. 
When I immersed my head into the water, I had several palm-sized fish staring at me – and I experienced an intense feeling of appreciation and gratitude for this divine creation. I wanted to stay there forever, but Shabbat was coming and we had to check into the hotel and keep going with our trip.
We checked in to the hotel, where a colorful and contemporary interior welcomed us with a vibrant mix of luxury and informality, swimming pools and cascading waterfalls.
We were delighted with the Red Sea views and a vacation sensation, especially from our comfortable bedroom.
One of the highlights of Eilat is seeing fish like these while snorkeling or diving (Credit: JEREMY WERMEILLE/UNSPLASH)One of the highlights of Eilat is seeing fish like these while snorkeling or diving (Credit: JEREMY WERMEILLE/UNSPLASH)
On the first floor, the main pool – which includes alcoves that allow for resting in the water – and its surrounding resting area enhanced the environment of relaxation and calm. The swimming pool has a water slide and a whirlpool, popular attractions for family fun. The Dan Eilat’s pool is located separately from the main pool and offers a secluded relaxation area. Depending on your mood, you can make use of the swimming pools or get out from the hotel to the beach in front of it to relax and revitalize. It is ideally suitable for the perfect family vacation! The Dan Eilat Hotel is known for its fine cuisine. It offers an exciting variety of gourmet menus, and we rejoiced over Shabbat dinner and breakfast before our constant commutes between the beach and the pools.
The hotel’s main dining room offers a grand buffet selection that deliciously mingles flavors, colors and textures and was one of my best experiences of hotel cuisine in Israel. It features many options for different tastes and tons of dazzling desserts that look like gastronomic masterpieces.
We also enjoyed our visits to the King David Lounge, which located on the 14th floor and offers snacks, light meals and drinks throughout the day. They also have internet access and a lovely terrace with a sea view, which we could appreciate while sipping a drink.Dan Eilat Hotel's suit view (Credit: DANIELA GLEISER)Dan Eilat Hotel’s suit view (Credit: DANIELA GLEISER)
We had a very short but wonderful vacation that replenished us with all the right energies to come back and continue our daily lives.
The Dan Eilat Hotel is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy good food, relax in the sun, and enjoy a real holiday.
We couldn’t stay longer, but there are many things to do in Eilat, if you have time. Only a few kilometers away from the hotel is the city’s famous Coral World Underwater Observatory– a marine safari filled with colorful fish and creatures from the Red Sea. Also close by are the spectacular Dolphin Beach and Coral Beach. Many beaches have water sports and dozens of tax-free shops if you’re looking to save some money.
In my opinion, Eilat is the perfect place to have a vacation in Israel, especially if the rules and regulations of the coronavirus pandemic are relaxed further to allow us all to start contributing to the recovery of the country’s tourism industry in a responsible way.
The writer was a guest of the hotel

Source: Jerusalem Post

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