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Equal Rights Commission releases annual report on state of disabled rights

CM 17/04/2021

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Israel’s Equal Rights Commission for Persons with Disabilities released its annual report on Monday, summarizing the activities of disabled people in employment and ongoing lawsuits in relation to disabled people’s rights, according to a commission statement.
Some 965 enforcement and supervision actions were carried out by the commission, resulting in 130 lawsuits filed, according to the report.  Some 18% of the Israeli public, or 790,000, are people with disabilities in 2020. During this year, which covers much of the coronavirus pandemic, there were 6,015 inquiries given to the commission to address cases of discrimination, compared to 2,678 inquiries for accessibility and 3,158 inquiries on discrimination, representing a 16% increase. 
Despite the cases of discrimination, there was a 44% increase in employment from disabled persons compared to 2019. 
Throughout the year, the commission carried out 965 inspections and 205 secondary inspections over cases of accessibility, covering  websites (32.1%), playgrounds and sports fields (11.3%), gas stations and convenience stores (8.6%) and staff inspections by authorities and individuals (8%).
The commission also conducted inspections on accessibility at beaches in Israel, finding a lack access at changing locations and outdoor showers. The commission was also involved in 129 lawsuits related to disabled persons rights. 
Major areas of concern for the commission include access to cemeteries, discrimination during flights and employment discrimination, which accounted for the major of the lawsuits filed. 

“This year with the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis and the many consequences of the crisis for people with disabilities and their families, the importance of the commission’s activities in the field as a body for equal rights for people with disabilities,” blah blah said, it “has been highlighted to address the effects of the crisis on people with disabilities and at the same time continue to act in all areas of the commission’s activity and even expand this activity in certain areas,” said the commission in a statement.
“Together, with our partners in meaningful action, we will continue to work tirelessly out of personal commitment to the issue.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

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