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Envoy: UNHRC must atone for sin of anti-Israel bias prior to Yom Kippur

CM 14/09/2021

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The United Nations Human Rights Council should atone for its anti-Israel bias prior to Yom Kippur by abolishing its annual practice of condemning the Jewish state under Agenda Item 7, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Meirav Eilon Shahar in Geneva said.
“On Wednesday, the Jewish people will observe Yom Kippur. During this period, we take the opportunity to self-reflect on the previous year and I believe it is vital for the Human Rights Council to do the same,” Eilon Shahar said on Tuesday as addressed the UNHRC in Geneva. It opened its 46th session on Monday.
She listed the UNHRC’s actions against Israel in 2021. This included the passage of resolutions condemning the Jewish state, more than was passed against any other country. The UNHRC also held a special session on Israel in May and voted for a fifth resolution, that established a permanent, first of its kind, probe against Israel. No other country is subject to such an opened-ended investigation.

“Let us remember this special session was called as Israel was under attack by Hamas, a terrorist organization,” Eilon Shahar said as she referenced the 11-day IDF-Hamas war in May.
The special session “resulted in a one-sided, biased resolution with a never-ending Commission of inquiry, further deepening the double standards against my country,” Eilon Shahar said.

Pro Israel rally outside UNHRC in Geneva‏ (credit: SAM SOKOL)Pro Israel rally outside UNHRC in Geneva‏ (credit: SAM SOKOL)

She noted that in addition the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michele Bachelet published four reports on Israel and issued 31 press releases together with the office of Special Procedures, Eilon Shahar said.
“This is not scrutiny. This is a relentless obsession. It represents a black mark against this council,” Eilon said. 
“This year, the Council has battled through COVID-19 and passed important resolutions in the field of women’s rights, persons of disabilities, and girls’ education, amongst many others,” Eilon Shahar explained. “Yet what overshadows this vital work is the ongoing blatant bias against Israel at this Council,” she added.
“If the Council is to self-reflect, it should look to weed out this blatant bias, which undermines its work,” Eilon Shahar stated.
She took issue in particular with the UNHRC mandate to debate alleged Israeli human rights abuses at each of the three sessions in holds on an annual basis. This debate is always held under Agenda Item 7. The alleged human rights abuses of all other countries are dealt with under Agenda Item 4. No other country has a standing Agenda Item specifically set aside to facilitate its condemnation. During this session, the Agenda Item debate will be held on October 1.
Israel and the United States have pushed unsuccessfully for the UNHRC to abolish the sessions. It’s a move that lacks affirmative majority support. Increasingly, however, most western countries decline to take the floor during that debate.
“For this Council to be truly credible, It needs to start by abolishing Item 7!,” Eilon Shahar said. 


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