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Education Min. adviser, 17th on New Hope list, shot dead in Israel’s north

CM 15/08/2021

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Sahar Ismael, 50, an advisor to Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton (New Hope) and number 17 on New Hope’s Knesset list was shot dead in the town of Rama in the Beit HaKerem Valley situated between the Upper and Lower Galilee in Israel’s north on Sunday morning, Israel Police Spokesperson announced.The backdrop to the murder was Ismael’s intention to use his connections in the government ministries in order to fight the town’s crime syndicates, according to people close to him.

A person close to Ismael said that he repeated his intentions multiple times in front of a number of people, and that he had been receiving threatening messages as of late, Maariv reported.
“The New Hope family is stunned and hurting over the murder of our member and friend Sahar Ismael,” the party tweeted. “A brave and honest leader. Advisor to the Education Minister, engineer, educator. Member of the Druze community. We are certain that the Israel Police will do all it can to catch the despicable murderers. Condolences to his dear family,” the party wrote.
Ismael was reportedly close to Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar.
“Sahar Ismael, a dear and loved friend and a political partner was murdered this morning in Rama,” Sa’ar tweeted shortly after the report.
“A kind-hearted man, who loved people and loved the country, an honest and brave leader, a true friend. It is incomprehensible that I will no longer see Sahar, with his eternal smile, that we saw just yesterday. I am sure that the Israel Police will put its hands on the despicable murderers and bring them to justice,” he wrote.
“The Education Minister Dr. Yifat Shasha-Biton was astonished to receive the bitter news of the murder of her advisor on Arab affairs Sahar Ismael, and is in contact with his immediate family,” Shasha-Biton’s office wrote in a statement.
“The entire Education Ministry joins in the family’s deep mourning and sorrow,” the statement said.
Police suspect that the incident was a premeditated murder and an investigation is underway. Ismael was pronounced dead by paramedics right as they arrived on the scene.
Shauki Latif, Rama’s mayor, told Ynet that “he was killed by a string of bullets.”MDA teams that were summoned to the area found the man in his car with gunshot wounds. “When we arrived at the spot we found the man unconscious and with penetrating wounds, without a pulse and not breathing. We carried out medical procedures but were forced to pronounce the man dead,” said MDA paramedic Michael Babyonishev.A NUMBER of Israeli-Arab MKs said that the murder was proof of the country’s neglect of the Arab community.”Horrifying and shocking! Crime in Arab society has long since crossed all borders and crossed all red lines,” Walid Taha of Ra’am wrote in a response to Arik Bender of Maariv. “For many years the state (police) has not done its duty in eradicating crime and stopping the leakage of huge quantities of weapons, some from security facilities and military bases, into the hands of young people and children in Arab society. The government needs to stop talking and start acting, because all the red lines have been crossed for a long time,” Taha wrote.”A horrific murder and a dangerous development,” MK Saeed Alharomi, head of the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee and also of Ra’am, wrote to Bender. “This is further proof of the intolerable situation that Arab society has reached in its daily dealings with crime and horrific murders.”
“The murder comes a few days after the Prime Minister and the Public Security Minister announced the plan to fight crime in Arab society,” Alharomi wrote.
“I sincerely hope that the whole system will be used to eradicate crime and terrible violence.”
Joint List head Ayman Odeh tweeted, “Sahar Ismael, advisor to the Education Minister, paid the price of being an Arab. 72 Arab citizens have been murdered since the beginning of the year.” “The entire Arab society has been crying out for decades, but no one listens. Maybe now the government will finally wake up,” he wrote.Amihai Shikli (Yamina), who left the coalition due to its collaboration with Arab parties, blamed Odeh for the murder.”He [Ismael] paid with his life because of populists like you who incite nationalist violence and remain silent while police vehicles burn in exactly the same villages,” he replied to Odeh’s tweet.
MKIbtisam Mara’ana (Labor) went further, calling the murder an assassination.”A real tragedy. The assassination of Sahar Ismael, an educator and a political man. Sahar’s assassination is an escalation by the criminal organizations, who are dropping heads in Arab society. This is the police’s job and only the police can stop the bloodbath,” she wrote in a tweet.
Finally, former Balad head Jamal Zahalka tweeted, “Sahar Ismael, an adviser to the education minister, was not killed because of his role but because he belonged to a society where crime is rampant and criminal organizations enjoy immunity. Since the beginning of the year, 72 Arab citizens have been murdered. Will the government and the police change direction and start acting? There are not even serious plans and promises. Anyone who can prevent a murder and does not do so is an accomplice to the crime.”
As of 13;00 PM Sunday, no opposition leader other than Odeh have mentioned the murder.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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