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Dance goes digital with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s newest show

CM 19/08/2021

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The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) has announced their newest production: INSIDERS, a project performed entirely in the digital space amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Each performance in the newest release of the company is a personal and private space of each one of the dancers. The project takes a unique look at dance through the lens of a camera, with a team of filmmakers behind the camera rather than those more experienced with dance filming. This gives the production a unique atmosphere of personal space, not unlike a film.

INSIDERS was chosen as the name because the dancers, within each of the 12 short works of up to 10 minutes each, express the internal journey they experienced throughout the past year of coronavirus-fueled trials.
“It was precisely the creative and work processes that touched the digital arena that most prominently expressed the impact of the coronavirus-plagued year on each and every dancer,” said the KCDC’s artistic director, Rami Be’er. “It was very interesting to see their interpretation and expression in a new medium, the collaborations created and their work, reflected both in the planning stage and in the rehearsal and execution stages.”
'Fascia' (credit: EYAL HIRSH)‘Fascia’ (credit: EYAL HIRSH)
“In the INSIDERS project, we wanted to bring the stage to the digital world and not give up creative freedom during the coronavirus pandemic,” the project’s artistic director Nadav Gal told The Jerusalem Post. “The creators started their usual creative process in the studio and we started looking for the production team that would suit us and be open-minded to accompany and learn with us this new and unfamiliar concept… After many conversations and ideas that came up, we started to center each work in its own direction and we created scripts for each performance – something that doesn’t happen in the dance world – to be both helpful for the filming process and to focus the story and the idea of each work.”
 'Don't break' (credit: EYAL HIRSH) ‘Don’t break’ (credit: EYAL HIRSH)
He explained that the editing room truly allows for some video “magic” to occur, turning spectacular works into something truly special.
“In my opinion, each work is so different from the next to the point in which each performance looks to be in a different space from the other, even though most of them were filmed in the same space,” Gal continued. “Each and every person has something that they can connect to and the thing that was the most special was to connect between the dance world and cinema, and to find the balance between the two. To me, this field… has a lot more to develop, and we just touched on its beginnings.”
INSIDERS is available now. One ticket of NIS 50 will allow one to enter and enjoy the show for 48 hours following the purchase. To buy your tickets, visit https://insiderskcdc.com/en/.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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