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Chinese Pond Heron begins first molt in Israel

CM 23/04/2021

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The Chinese Pond Heron, first seen in Israel earlier this month, has begun molting, according to the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI).”The quick molt is thanks to the abundance of food in the lake in the botanical garden where the bird is,” said SPNI’s director of urban nature Amir Balaban.”The heron’s favorite fish is the Iridescent toothcarp, an Israeli fish, which is so busy with internal battles over territory and courtship, it does not notice the great danger that hovers over it.”The tall, long-legged avian was spotted for the first time in Israel earlier in April at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens by photographer Daniel Katz, who took a picture of it.The next day, the bird was identified as a Chinese Pond Heron by the birdwatchers at the SPNI.The species isn’t endangered, and is fairly common – in fact, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) had labeled it as non-threatened and a matter of “least concern.”This is, however, the first time the species of bird has ever been seen in Israel.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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