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Biden pressuring Israel not to undermine nuclear negotiations – NYT

CM 22/11/2021

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US officials have requested that Israel refrain from carrying out more attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities as negotiations in Vienna are due to start on November 29, the New York Times reported.
In addition, American officials have told their Israeli counterparts that it will be impossible to use cyber weapons to slow down the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, as the US and Israel reportedly did in a joint operation in 2009-2010 using the STUXNET computer virus.
The report added that Israeli officials rejected the request and staunchly maintained Jerusalem’s right to act against Tehran, if necessary.

According to the report, “American officials have warned their Israeli counterparts that the repeated attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities may be tactically satisfying, but they are ultimately counterproductive,” according to several officials familiar with the behind-the-scenes discussions.
Israeli officials have said they have no intention of letting up, waving away warnings that they may only be encouraging a sped-up rebuilding of the program — one of many areas in which the United States and Israel disagree on the benefits of using diplomacy rather than force.”

 US President Joe Biden meets leaders of Britain, France and Germany to discuss Iran's nuclear program (credit: REUTERS/KEVIN LAMARQUE) US President Joe Biden meets leaders of Britain, France and Germany to discuss Iran’s nuclear program (credit: REUTERS/KEVIN LAMARQUE)

Biden administration officials and some IAEA officials referred to in the report claimed that Iran is ahead of where it would have been with its nuclear program had Israel not allegedly attacked three Iranian nuclear facilities since July 2020.
In contrast, some Israeli intelligence officials and some nuclear experts say that Jerusalem succeeded in slowing down Iran’s advancement, even if Tehran managed to continue to move forward.
Likewise, Israel has pulled off an impressive series of cyber attacks on Iran recently, such that it may brush aside the idea that cyber attacks are off the table but once negotiations start, or if any deal is reached, Israel has in the past shown that it is willing to exercise greater restraint.
Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to the article by criticizing how Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government is handling Iran. He accused Bennett of weakness and appeasement in Iran. 
“The hands of Israel are tied by the US on Iran, and Iran can continue developing nuclear weapons, and we didn’t need the New York Times to tell us that,” Netanyahu told his Likud faction.


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