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Avera Mengistu’s family call on BLM to support his release from Gaza

CM 18/05/2021

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“You have black people in Palestine. You know who you have? You have my brother, Avera Mengistu, an Israeli black boy who crossed the border with Gaza six years ago without knowing what he was doing because he is mentally ill, and he is held captive by Hamas for the last six years,” Enav Baruch Mekoren said in a Tik Tok video.
♬ צליל מקורי – Einav Baruch Mekonen
She is calling on those who support the “Black Lives Matter” movement to take action and urge Hamas to free Ethiopian-Israeli Mengistu, who had been held captive since he crossed into the coastal enclave in September 2014.
“He is not an IDF soldier, he is not a terrorist, he is mentally ill and he’s being held by the Hamas, in Gaza,” she continued. 
“Palestinians can you speak up? Can I hear you? Am I lying?” she is asking. “Why won’t you let him go? A mentally ill black boy?”

Some 2,192 days have passed since his capture, around eight months longer than the 1,941 days that Gilad Shalit spent as a prisoner.

“What are you going through there at night?” asks a song by Eden Alene, Israel’s representative to Eurovision 2021, together with Shlomi Shabat, to mark the six years since Mengistu was taken captive by Hamas after he crossed into the Gaza Strip.

“We hope and pray that he’ll return to us because he belongs with us,” said Shabat in a clip about the song.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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